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Interview: Alhaji Baa Musa Trawalleh on Gambia’s Colonial and Post-Colonial Political History

Alhaji Baa Musa Trawalleh,

This video, with the assistance of novelist and poet Baaba Sillah, and Professor Abdoulaye Saine invite iconic teacher, politician, journalist, scholar, and lexicographer, Alhaji Baa Musa Trawalleh, to share pivotal moments in his long and fulfilling life. These moments serve as important signposts to Gambia’s colonial and post-colonial political history.

It is the riveting journey of an elder statesman, with unexpected twists and turns that capture him in all his complexities, as Ballanghar School’s founding head-teacher in the 1950s, a PPP founding-member, and fallout with Sir Dawda Jawara, to founding The New- Gambia Newspaper. Baa’s is a principled life driven by clarity; and courage to pursue his vision for a just and democratic Gambia.

You can watch the full interview below.

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