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IGP Grants Peaceful Procession Permit to “Operation 3 Years Jotna”

Following their second application for a peaceful demonstration, the Office of The Inspector General of Police has granted a ‘Peaceful Procession Permit’ to ‘Operation 3 Years Jotna’.

Last week, a joint statement signed by the Gambia government, civil society and the Three Years ‘Jotna’ Movement states that the pressure group has agreed to postpone its earlier planned demonstration. However, The Gambia Government on Friday announced that ‘Operation 3 Years Jotna’ will be in peaceful procession on Sunday 26th January, 2020. “Their permit is valid from 12:00 Noon to 2:00Pm, “the release states. “The procession begins from the Y-Junction on entering Bakau from Sting Corner, passes by Methodist Academy and turns right towards the Independence Stadium in Bakau.”

     3 Year Jotna protesters

Three Years Jotna, is calling for President Adama Barrow to honor his 3 years campaign promise. Even though the Gambian constitution guarantees a term limit of five, the president agreed with his coalition partners before his election that he will only serve three years and then organized fresh election in which he will not take part.

However, he has since changed his mind by openly declaring that he will follow the constitutional mandate instead of the agreement. This has caused uproar between him and some political parties. But it is this movement that took it upon themselves to protest.

“The Gambia Government hereby assures citizens and members of the public that their security and safety is paramount and cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Therefore, all are urged to remain law abiding and go about their normal businesses, “the release states.

“Motorists as well as pedestrians are urged to maintain the designated lanes leaving the “Operation 3 Years Jotna” to use their exclusively assigned lane terminating at the gate behind the Score Board of the Independence Stadium. Therefore, any parallel demonstrations outside of the designated area constitute a serious violation of the permit and violators will face severe consequences.

“Members of the public are also urged to allow the peaceful procession to move on smoothly as anyone who interferes with the peaceful procession will be committing an offense, equally punishable under the law.

“Accordingly, The Gambia Government solicits the cooperation of all citizens and residents to remain calm for the maintenance of the peace and security of the country.”

“Consistent with Government’s security preparedness mechanism, members of the public will notice increased security presence in their communities for the safety and security of everyone. All are strongly advised to cooperate fully with the security.”

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