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How Gambians React to the Coronavirus Outbreak in the Country

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a great concern among Gambians and the world in general. With most countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa declaring lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, most Gambians are already in a panicky state after one case and a death of another.

The situation is not also helped by the case proliferation of confirmed cases in the neighboring Senegal where a state of emergency has been declared on Monday.

In a statement aired on the national television Sunday, Gambia’s Health Minister Amadou Sanneh announced the death of a Bangladesh national due to the virus.

“This case involves a 70-year-old Bangladeshi man who came to The Gambia from Senegal on the 13th March 2020 as a preacher. He was resident at the ‘Markass’ Centre in Bundung where he engaged in preaching and interacted with a number of people.

“He was in six other countries where he was carrying out similar preaching. He was a known diabetic who presented at a health facility… He was later referred to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and he unfortunately passed away in the ambulance before arrival on the 20th March 2020.

“A sample was taken from him and the results were delivered today and we confirmed the positive test.”

Out and about in the Kanifing Municipality, The Chronicle gauged the minds of Gambians regarding their feelings towards the virus.

Watch the Video Below:

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