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How a 4Million Euro Sports Academy Is Set To Encourage Dreams with Football and Education in Gambia

Live Your Dreams Sports Academy major plan

Situated in Bassori, Kombo East, the Live Your Dreams Sports Academy is aimed to be a fine provider of footballing talent into the Gambian game, while also handing further education opportunities to many deserving youngsters.

The sports academy, which is set to be a game changer in Gambia’s sports circles, is built in two phases, costing about 4 million Euros.

The first phase includes the construction of a standard artificial and grass pitches, a pavilion and VIP lounge.

The Academy is financed by three Gambian sports enthusiasts William Abraham, Pa Yusupha Samba and Bakary Jammeh.

        Live Your Dreams Sports Academy under construction

“The idea is to make this project a center for the scouting and training of football talents from across the sub region, “says William Abraham. “We have very good contacts in Mali, Mauritania and Ghana in addition to Senegal and Guinea Bissau from where young talents can come to attend this academy.”

Sitting on an 11-hectare piece of land, the academy is also expected to help identify young football talents across the country and give them the best possible chance to achieve footballing excellence and to help them in their aim of being capable footballers who could go on to play on the professional and International level. “We have long been dreaming such a project and this initiative is a great source of inspiration towards attracting overseas investors who wanted to see real local initiative on the ground before committing their resources, “said Abraham.

       William Abraham

However, the second phase will see the construction of a sports hall, swimming pool, students and official’s accommodation at the academy, lawn tennis and basketball courts.

“We are footing every bill among ourselves but there are few strong overseas investors who are so far very keenly following and interested in the progress made and are willing to see through the project to the second phase which would involve even bigger investment. “Said Willy.

The facility will accommodate 100 young children, a school with academic and skills training syllabus to provide carpentry and welding lessons for another non- boarding 100 students.

Bakary Jammeh, said the aim is to build career paths for young Gambian people while utilizing sports as a bridge builder among different cultures in Gambia.

      Bakary Jammeh

“The project will cater for the productive transformation of young people to develop them into super star footballers or educated careerists in many skill professions or both, “Jammeh said. The products from this academy are bound to win. Bakary Jammeh is also first Vice President of the Gambia Football Federation.

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