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Hilarious Hypocrite

I am a hypocrite
That lives in a hippo creek
Attractive like a hip so thick
My story is heap in hill to heel

Ready to hit in heat to give me heal
Let the play of words be halt 
With a handcuff
And the pun in pond be plundered 

To bestow amazing revelation 
The chasing chance to kiss ears
I list and leased listening ears
In thousands to listen

At the age of eighteen 
After drinking from the calabash of
With the spoon of detained depression 

My usual route became rude 
I call it cloudy crowd crude
I, secluded in the net of hopelessness
Decided to seek refuge at the Holy ‘Markass’

Yes, Holy ‘Markass’ in the vision of
Muhammad Ilyas
The architecture of ‘Jamatu Tabliq’
He crafted the preaching tool
To wash faith’s polluted face

Kandhla beamed upon eyeing 
The Saint’s natural arrival
Arabic and Persian he buried in
His memory
Ate books at Darul Uloom Deoband

In 1926, the preaching tongue
Began working and walking
1944 recorded the Reformer’s return
But his tongue keeps talking on earth

This was the movement I willingly
Recruited myself
I sojourned with the brothers 
In a three days ‘huruj’

When the three days died
Faith occupied my heart heavily
My Jeans, Jerseys, and Shirts
I threw in the possession of friends

Bought ‘haftan’ and hat for 
My coronation
Long trousers beheaded to fear
Reaching my ankle
Surprise sucked
The eyes of my Uncle

The Town’s ears heard my
New Religious Occupation.
Some welcomed it, others protested 
As a teenager I pushed the path

Ignored the views of those
Who disliked my reform
My frustration was flushed away
Because in the Temple I was 
Promised Heaven

So the hunger for Heaven melted
My depression
My late teenage was caged in this avenue
Names of God I printed in every
Corner of my room

Friends started to question my mentality
This Saintly life I stayed for two years
As I kept swimming in the pool of Sainthood

My faith faded firmly to finally zero
Then frustration slapped me hard
I absconded again
This time, my sanctuary is Music

Music mutes multiple malfunctions
That’s why she became my friend
But music was an ally since 
The days of old

When I can’t correctly count 
My age with numbers
I date Music as if she is the only
Love I saw and still see

Music is venom to bacteria of sadness
Music is antidote that slaughters 
The invasion of unhappiness
This is how my bilateral relations
With Music came to be cemented

Without retiring from ‘Jamatu Tabliq’
With my ‘haftan’ and trouser refusing
To greet my ankle
I, I continued my honeymoon with the
Ever beautiful Queen

Who answers in a five letter word,
So Hypocrisy is born
Cognitive dissonance dished dose
I didn’t care and I didn’t know
The coming tragedy will unfold fire

That will sleep in history books 
For good.

Then came a day when a Friend 
Entered my poor room and found
That my ears were fixed to the rhythms
Emanating from my radio set

He flew fast to unveil the journal
To his friends
That the so-called Sheikh is a Music sympathizer.
Their campaign of mockeries sent me insane
The unhygienic mouth of confusion
Swallowed me

The Town got shock on how easy 
I surrendered to confusion
I couldn’t board the wisdom of Confucius
My disguised friends laughed and laughed
As if I’m the greatest Comedian
That surmounted Long John

In the Iron Industry of Omar
Where my confusion catapulted me to
I saw his Apprentice laughing at me
Till I thought his teeth will fall

Gallivanting to every corner for safe haven
Became my modus operandi

As confusion’s conflagration kidnapped 
My serene mind,
I entered the fort of the
Snow dermis preacher cum ‘Salafi’ serpent

Whose blasting brain feeds on 
The theory of Extremism
His detestable sight
Snubbed the Lad’s immature age

On air with his proud wings
Indicted me of hypocrisy
This drowned me deeper in turmoil

My oath opens in the name of
The Saint of Touba
To the brilliant Barhama of 
Madina Baye

I’ll vomit lyrics with instruments 
And bombard stage
As if shame and I 
Are like North and South Korea

Wait a minute,
Should I be a Rabbi
And preach in a Synagogue?

Honestly, they’re right,
Wonders shall never end
But I’m the wonder that will never end
I’m the wonder that will never end!
I’m the wonder that will never end.

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