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Hijabi Models to Rock the Runway at Gambia Hijab Fashion Week

Organisers hope to tackle hijab stereotypes

Veiled-wearing models and modeling aspirants will showcase their talents at the first edition of Hijab Fashion Week scheduled for November.

The idea of the event is to show the people that hijabis (veiled women) can also rock the runway, says Fatimah Muloshi, the CEO of Hijab Modeling Agency, the first modeling agency in The Gambia dedicated to hijabis. Herself a hijabi, she tells The Chronicle that hijab is underrepresented in the Gambian modeling sector, coupled with stereotypes as to what women in hijab should and should not do.

Muloshi says hijab symbolizes modesty and gives women a sense of power. “Hijab should not stop any woman from going for what they want because they are only covering their head, and not their brain.”

She started her modeling agency a few months ago to promote modesty among young Muslims through modeling. So far, she’s impressed with the number of people who registered with her agency as models. The final casting will take place in September and the fashion week will debut in November.

“I believe the fact that we’re Muslim women and we put on the veil should not limit our dreams in life,” says 19-year-old Rohey Baloara Suso, one of the models.

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  1. Muhima says

    Hi Iam light skinned girl and have good body I wanna be hijjabi model

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