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High Court Places D100, 000 Bail Bond on Artist Killa Ace, Six Others

Justice Basiru Mahoney of Banjul High Court has placed a D100, 000 bail bond on activist-artist, Killer Ace and six others on Thursday, his manager, Tijan Babu Jaw confirmed to The Chronicle.

While confirming this, Jaw says they were in the process of making arrangements to fulfill the bail condition following the delivery of the ruling.

The group, initially of 37, was reduced to seven on Tuesday, facing a slew of charges including arson, willful damage to property, and unlawful assembly.

Killa Ace (in white t’shirt)

Killa Ace is the founding member and the president of ‘Team Gom Sa Bopa’ (Believe in Yourself), a civil society group in the country. Last week, the organization held a press conference to demand for the release of its president. The group’s senior members denounced the charges against the rapper, stating that they have evidence to show that Killa Ace was not present at the burning of Anti-Crime Commander, Gorgi Mboob’s home in July.

Serekunda Protesters

The alleged arson took place during protests in July following the death of a young businessman in Serekunda market. According to the claims, his death came as a result of police torture meted on him while in custody – an allegation the police have since denied. These claims led to a mass protest and the subsequent burning of the police commander’s home.

The police thereafter detained Killa Ace in August along with several others at the police headquarters in Banjul. He was released on bail before being rearrested and detained at Mile 2. 

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