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Has The Gambia Decided ?

Has The Gambia really decided ?
If so, decided what ?
Can’t you see all the political divisions in the country,
The tribalism, youth unempolyment, corruption, and the evil
Really, has The Gambia decided ?

Initially, we all know,
A dictator with a crown, hearts look frown
A dictator’s hair is as black as his heart not brown,
The dictator felt supercilious on his throne,
But who is sprinkling water on the face of his citizens?
In the death river, some were thrown.

Controversies were the water he sprinkled on his citizens,
Some minds were metamorphosed
Leading to tribal conflicts.

Doubts plugged into our hearts,
Journeyed to political war,
A war where the dictator’s head was cut-off
And the crown accidentally snatched away.
The Gambia was on its knees.
That was when the citizens knew that dictatorship was a hardship.
We’re blamed for our own flames.

The change we changed, is it really change ?
If the new government is behaving ironically,
Our mouths keep opening, eyes enlarging and ears stand straight.
We keep asking each other; is that power hungry ?
As I write, my hand shakes,
We’re in our greatest peril.

If you continue reading – you shall know.
Though many concluded that we have decided.

As I write, my hand shakes,
The bag carried by accumulated oppositions (the victorious),
Consisted of accountability, equality, solidarity, discussions and consent,
But transparency are luxuries they can’t afford.
Our contribution to snatched away the crown is forgotten.
The minds of citizens’ can’t imagine the recycling of hardship
I mean dictatorship.
Failed manifesto and so on.
Vote wiser!

In the next political war, and in all, vote well.
Don’t just ; vote for change.
The rest of the poem is pending.
With above caption as a reference.
Has the Gambia decided?

From: An Anthology of Poems
By: Wally Saho, a poet, an activist and aspiring writer


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