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Guinea – The Military Junta Unveils a Transition Charter

Twenty-two days after taking power in Conakry, the National Council of the Transition (CNT), which overthrew President Alpha Condé, announced Monday on the Guinean national television RTG, a text the soldiers say is the charter of the transition.

In their proclamation of the charter, Guinea’s soldiers’ controlling power evoked values and principles such as forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, probity, merit, and integrity.

Although the charter defines the principles that will henceforth govern the functioning of the state and the relations between the state and its citizens, it does not specify the duration of the transition.

The soldiers say the onus is on the conclusions from the ongoing consultations to determine a deadline for the transition. Concerning the organs of the transition, it comprises a National Committee for Development, the President of the transition, the government, and the National Council of the Transition (CNT).

As regards the CNT, it will be composed of 81 members. Former members of the deposed government of Alpha Condé cannot be members of any of the transitional governing structures.

The President of the transition will appoint the President, assisted by two vice-presidents, to lead the CNT.

Meanwhile, lieutenant-colonel Mamady Doumbouya on Monday visited the cemetery of Bambeto, in the municipality of Ratoma, where the slain opposition rioters under the regime of ‘Alpha Condé were buried.

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