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Gran 58 married to Gambian boy blasts critics claiming her couple is fake

Michelle claims what she has with Ebu is nothing but true love

In a documentary entitled “Sex on the Beach” aired Sunday evening on the British public-service free-to-air television network Channel four, 58 year old Michelle is proudly seen bragging about her true love story with a young Gambian boy. Michelle says there’s nothing fake about her romance with Gambian Ebou, despite claims that older Western women fly to The Gambia to bed younger men.

Michelle, 58 is a British gran married to a Gambian “toy boy” Ebou. As stories often paint UK grans visiting Gambia often for sex, former social worker Michelle has blasted claims their romance with Gambian boys is fake. According to Michelle, European women who get conned into handing over their life savings are just “stupid”.

The Gambia is branded in the Tv documentary as “The Granbia” according to the story tellers who cite critics alleging that “hundreds of older Western women fly there to bed younger men”. They also claim that many of them lose all their retirement money.

Apparently, the story is different for Michelle who married handyman Ebou in 2018 after a year together. She says not all men in The Gambia are after wealthy women to fund their lives. She added: “Not everybody who goes to the Gambia is having sex on the beach. I know a lot of people like me who have been with their husbands for years.”

Michelle, who stars in the C4 documentary “Sex on the Beach”, fell for Ebou after meeting him on holiday in The Gambia.

Within a year of speaking over WhatsApp the pair tied the knot, with none of her three children attending the wedding.

Critics claim older female Westerners come to the African region to bed young men

But while Michelle says their relationship is the real deal, C4 investigators raise serious questions that she might be set to become another shocking statistic.

Michelle does not really know how old her husband is and a luxury home he claims to have built for them is exposed as a rental property.

Investigator Seyi Rhodes said: “I can see that they’re quite close, but he tells me he’s 46 and Michelle was adamant he’s 50. When I add all the other inconsistencies, like the size and luxuriousness of the house, the speed with which it was built and the fact she says she didn’t pay anything towards it, I don’t think I’ve got the full picture. Michelle insists she’s in control, and I hope that she is.”

But Michelle is very comfortable in her love romance with Ebou. She believes that women who lose it all in a relationship with a Gambia toy boy have no one but themselves to blame.

I blame the women because if you meet a guy who lives on the beach, who’s got nothing, he’s got no home, he lives in a tin shack or whatever, and then you’re sending him £1,000 here and there, you’ve got to be stupid. They say they get duped by the sex. If you want to have sex, you can be with a prostitute and pay for it” Michelle said in the film.


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  1. Karen says

    Rubbish. It is right there are some men and women who do go to Gambia for sun, sea and sex that is definitely true but to say all go there seeking it definitely does not apply for all and we’re all getting tarred with the same brush. Also what is not said is that as in Europe some also use the DATE RATE DRUG. Sexually transmitted Diseases are rife there, to get married and then come back with a STD from a man who reckons hes not been with anyone for 14 years. DO NOT BE FOOLED .There are genuine people who go there and at a later date do get involved with a Gambian and Marry them. But what is also true is that Gambians are brought up from a very young age to want to Marry white people because they’re seen as rich and can help all of the family out of their poverty. The truth of it is that about 92% of these Gambians are Scammers and they definitely DO NOT ONLY COME FROM THE BEACH. They come from all walks of life mine was from the Army a Sgt respected in the Army and will be respected for what hes now achieved , especally when he was only with me 8wks befor being with a Brother yet he reckoned no family here. Every single thing is carefully planned more than you can ever imagine. it makes no difference what their job is the aim is simple get to Europe and do not let anyone stand in your way. Gambians are very jealous of each other and go to Marabous for travel, to protect themselves from other Gambians who may be stopping them AND also to have spells put on their Husband/Wife to keep giving to them. They will tell you everything you ever wanted to hear. You have to remember each person that succeeds in getting to Europe then tells more exactly how to play it and is exactly what they’re doing playing mind games. Don’t think for one minute that it’s dim Men and Women that are sucked into this and should have seen the signs. No the reality is there are Europeans from all walks of life and very highly educated in well paid jobs who also fall for it. They use many Psychological tactics that are believable. They will show you all documents Including Bachelors certificates to say they’re single. Don’t be fooled they WILL BE FAKE. Money SPEAKS in Gambia on ALL LEVELS. They can buy what they need to CONFIRM THEIR STORY. Once in Europe they CAN be very patient as the aim then is Citizenship. Why because then they can BRING unknowing to you more often than not THEIR GAMBIAN WIFE AND REAL FAMILY. This is when you will realise you were never anything to them. They pick you up and spit you out. As for there faith DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE THE PRAYERS THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU THEY ARE FOR THEM TO SUCCED .As for if you’ve paid for somewhere to live or be built and you think if things go wrong it’s at least half yours, think again the law is on the side of Gambians ONLY. Very few win against a Gambian some at a large expense to themselves but few.

    The sad thing is that it spoils things for that very small percentage of GENUINE GAMBIAN PEOPLE.

    If you think it’s only couples your WRONG YOU NEED TO DO ANOTHER ABOUT HOW THEY SCAM CHARITIES.

    Then another about the people who do only go for sex, including paedophiles. The ones who NEVER have any intention of taking the sex into a relationship but DO LET THEIR MAN/ WOMAN believe so. That they use the Gambian for the sex and some Europeans even set up a business their Man / woman leaves a job ( this only happens to few ) then to dump them. So you see there is also a lot of ANGER towards people from EUROPE.
    It’s a beautiful Country it’s tragic that their own leaders don’t actually help the People of Gambia pushing them into doing things they do including travelling the back way.

  2. Ebrima says

    Why all this and what are you doing to have on this posting fake news on social media even the age you put will tell you that all is lies and fake why what on Gambia remove the pictures

    1. Ebrima says

      I’m leaving good and happy with my wife doing out project helping the poor u site there posting fake news and imformation to people, we are going to take what on Gambia to court about this matter if you don’t apologise and remove this lies on us

  3. Michelle says

    My self and ebrima never met in gambia we met in 2015 through his cousin in tenerife
    My husband is a decent man who has decent family well respected
    My age alone the time we been together is all wrong in this article
    He already has family in the uk in italy and germany when I met him
    We invited these people into our home would you rent a home without a kitchen that shows how they really did not look into it
    They failed in the programme to show the big place at the front of the house that my husband had said he was thinking to make a shop or rent it
    Then when they visited my husband mums house which was built from scratch by himself and his brother who lives in the uk was it not a very decent home with same furnishings as our home
    And they had lunch and was welcomed
    Yes why would a woman go and give all her money I dont have anything to give in any case
    And then cry about it .
    Even the other couple the wife sent the money to build the compound
    The documentary was meant to show are couples real or fake
    I live with my husband in gambia we are not long distance his a grown man a buisness man who has a lot of respect in gambia
    Not once was we seen in any nightclub we dont drink we dont go to bars
    I am a Moroccan heritage born in the uk
    Ebou has travelled his not in the same category
    As a guy who has never left gambia .as i even said i did not meet him in gambia .
    Its just all wrong
    I can show you couples in gambia from spain germany america who dote on each other .
    And live happily .
    I’m sure if I was being duped then by now i would know .
    We did not just meet yesterday or a year ago we was with each other before we got married a lot more than a year
    And the wedding was full of family members and friends it was a traditional wedding
    So all this nonsense was to shame gambia
    Go turkey Egypt jamaica tailand and places that are really fake
    No wonder megan and harry run off
    I stopped buying papers years ago
    Because it’s just all fake lies
    And all about this article apart from me saying only someone very silly would give away so much money .
    But the lady paying for her house is differant
    She will live there .

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