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Gov’t to Place Moratorium on Deportations of Gambians

The Gambian government is expected to announce a moratorium on involuntary repatriation of Gambian migrants from EU member states.

A credible source close to the Foreign Ministry told The Chronicle that ‘the moratorium will be imposed until the government renegotiates the modalities of the repatriation of Gambians with its partners.’ The content of the initial negotiation between the government and its EU partners has not been disclosed to the public.

Gambian migrants have been regularly deported back home in groups from EU countries including Germany and Italy in recent months, sparking public anger and outcry. There have been rumors and speculations that the government has signed a deportation agreement with these countries, an allegation the authorities have always denied.

The decision to place a moratorium was made at a meeting at the Foreign Ministry recently, following the government’s concern that the number of people being repatriated puts constraints on the immigration and security services at the airport especially when the returnees are involuntary returnees.

Editor’s note: This story will be updated as the issue progresses.

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