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Ghacheh-ghaalama Essa Faal, Gambia’s TRRC Lead Counsel!

TRRC Lead Counsel Essa Faal

So proud of brother Essa Faal in his closing statement on the last sitting of the TRRC on May 28th, 2021, in his brilliant legal efforts to tie Jammeh to all the heinous crimes he committed for 22 years in office against Gambians and humanity!

Once again, my fellow comrades are vindicated today, as the journey was so lonely and long. Thus we all became friends and built everlasting strong bonds, and in some cases stronger than our blood relatives. We trusted each other, confided in each other, fought against each other, disagreed and agreed, laughed amongst ourselves, and even provided leaning shoulders for each other to cry, vent our, and redirect. In the process, we heard all ugliness, distrust, and name-calling metered against us, and yet still, we kept our eyes on the price, that “JAMMEH MUST GO!!” as our struggle slogan!

When all odds were against us, foreign and domestic, when most Gambians didn’t believe us, when most Gambians stood at the fence, including some of our immediate families, neighbors, and friends, few of us knew very little at that time, and yet stood up to fight against Jammeh’s injustices, murders, tortures, rapes, human rights and financial abuses and violations, rampant corruption, nepotism, tribalism, ill-gotten wealth, and finally, genocide against his very own people, Gambians!!

The TRRC has concluded on a very high note, and the responsibility now is on all Gambians to safeguard and nurture the strides and the noble achievements of the TRRC!

I call on all my comrades in the liberation struggle that ended Jammeh’s dictatorship to no longer feel that they are alone or should continue the work by themselves; this must and should be a collective responsibility because all Gambians heard the words of all the TRRC commissioners and the outstanding lead Counsel, Mr. Faal in English and various languages spoken in The Gambia! No excuse now to say I didn’t know!!

Hats of to all patriotic Gambians!

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  3. Voice for the Voiceless says

    Except that Essa Faal has been bullying, intimidating, manipulating and tampering with key witnesses into changing their statements according to his personal vendetta and devious plans….

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