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Get Inspired to Push Boundaries at the Upcoming ‘Yes We Can’ Conference

Women tend to have a lot stacked up against them in society. From being told what they can and cannot do, to being made to work twice as hard to prove their worth before they get their due. In spite of all these hurdles, women still push forward. They still stand. They keep moving.

Truth is that women are very resilient and tenacious.

And this is why Elizabeth Gomez decided to create the ‘Yes We Can’ Conference to publicly recognize and celebrate the strength and resilience of women, and also to push women and girls into realizing their full potential.

     Elizabeth Gomez

The conference brings together successful, inspirational, and driven Gambian women, who have achieved success in their respective fields, to share their stories. The conference aims to inspire and motivate women to keep reaching for their goals no matter what the world throws at them.

The ‘Yes We Can’ Conference will also serve as the official launch of the Yes We Can Foundation – a foundation set up to raise a movement of motivated and liberated power women in areas of purpose, self-development or investment, and leadership to fully leverage their potential to become bearers of positive change agents of development in The Gambia and beyond.

The foundation is devoted to promoting excellence, empowering women to become a generation of implementers and overcome limitations. To become women who are driven by passion to achieve sustainable development goals. ‘Yes We Can’ believes every woman carries power from within to change the narrative and effect impact in their lives and communities.

The conference will be organized annually as part of the foundation’s platform. The theme for this year’s conference is Awakening the Woman in You”. It will focus on addressing issues women face in leadership and overcoming stereotypes.

“Gender equality is one of the biggest issues of our time. There is an urgent need for us to address this stereotype. Women throughout the world have been subdued and the only way to change the norm is to help women discover their purpose; know who they are and what they stand for.”

“The expected impact is to see women and girls rise above self-limiting beliefs, conquer their fears and be relevant. They will get to understand that being a woman is not a disadvantage. They can equally win the game. Their usefulness is highly needed in the society and they should not no matter what the case may be, due under the shadow of anybody,” stated Elizabeth, founder of ‘Yes We Can’ Foundation.

Speaking on what women can do to bridge the gap between gender equality, Elizabeth stated that women should speak out and stand for what they believe in.

“If women would refuse to stay quiet, if they would refuse to live a limited life, it is the beginning… The underlined word for me here is discover your purpose, and know who you are and what you stand for. They should not only stop at knowing,but they have to work hard to build their potential, and have a moment for personal development to become a prepared asset ready for impact.”

Elizabeth Gomez is a law student at Legacy University. She is a youth and women’s rights advocate. She started her advocacy work in 2015 when she joined ‘Lend a Hand Society’ and ‘Destiny Shapers Show’ as a volunteer. In 2016, she served and is still serving as the Executive Program Coordinator at the Youth Power Network International.

In 2019, she travelled to Nairobi to attend the ‘Africa Regional Youth Summit’ as a Special Olympics Youth Leader and representative of Flex Fuzion Dance Academy. She is also a member of the Accord Prayer Tower Ministry, an international youth ministry.

         Elizabeth Gomez

Elizabeth is currently a member of Club X International where she serves as Assistant Head of Welfare. She is a volunteer at Flex Fuzion Dance Academy and Dance Gambia Championship, the biggest dance academy in The Gambia. She is also serving as Logistics Manager of an international trading company, Link Africa Ltd – The Gambia.

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  1. Joko Sah says

    Waw this is a good initiative am proud of my sister Elizabeth. A woman is unmatched for she is a burden bearer and should not be undermined because she can cross miles to achieve destiny.

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