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German Plant Company Explores Business Feasibility in Gambia

The officials of a German plant company, Isatis Montana, which employs three Gambian migrants have arrived to explore business feasibility in the country with the objective of creating jobs.

They were accompanied by the Gambia’s honorary consul to Germany. 

“We have a company employing about 40 persons. We are a kind of gardening so we raise special plants for Europe, but not a normal vegetable,” Herman Kiefer, CEO and owner of the company told The Chronicle.

Hermer Keifer

As such, their workers including Gambians have to undergo special courses in the company to be able to know the names of more than 100 different kinds of plant species and how they are cultivated.

“Germany and other European countries cannot take everybody and that’s why we are here. We are not sure until now about how we can actualize this plan but we are looking at how it can work for Gambians.”

His son, also a key figure in the company, Grischa Kiefer, said they haven’t yet decided what type of business they will do since it’s their first trip. 

“It’s not about we want to be making money here for our company. It’s about giving these people here jobs and the opportunity to better their situation in Gambia,” he said.

He indicated that they are exploring possibilities to see if it makes sense to do business in the country, adding that if successful, it’s Gambians who will run business. 

“This is our first study just to see how it’s working here and we believe that it will also reduce dependency on people who are living abroad.

Grischa Kiefer with his father Hermer

The Gambia’s honorary consul to Germany, Dr. Georg Bouche said they’ve been engaging in such activities to lure more businesses into the country, with the help of Belgium Luxembourg Gambia Chamber of Commerce (BLGCC).

“In the case of the two gentlemen, they are thinking about setting up a business sort of with growing interesting plans that could be exported or even thinking about musical instruments that could be interesting for European market. 

He noted that the team is here to get an insight of Gambia and then to meet the officials in the next step. 

He assured that more businesses are being encouraged to come to the country. 

He disclosed that he is in contact with one company that wants to grow bamboo, set up solar and ovens in the country. The company will also explore the fruit market by making dry fruits out of many unused fruits such as mangoes.  

As a long-term partner with Gambia, Georg has established three nursery schools in Brufut, employing close to 20 Gambians.

“The idea is to bring more and more people to set something up so that we can help Gambians in Germany and Gambians in Gambia.”

Isatis Montana garden in Germany

The goal of Isatis Montana is to cultivate as diverse a selection of suitable perennials, grasses and mosses around the world as possible for “difficult” geosystems or alternative habitats.

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