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GAP to Decide on Leadership amid Candidate’s Nude Scandal

The executive committee of the Gambia Action Party (GAP) will conduct an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the candidature of the party following the spread of nude videos of its current leader General Lamin Bojang.

The Gambia is gearing up for a presidential election next year where GAP is intending to contest. Bojang was an army general in The Gambia Armed Forces and also served the country and an ambassador in various countries in both the previous and current governments.

In the purported video, he was seen naked making fun of himself with an unidentified woman.

       Screenshot- nude video of Lamin Bojang, GAP Leader

However, he already dissociated himself with the video content. He said it is the work of the people who want to get millions of dollars from him.

The Chronicle contacted the party’s Secretary General regarding the ugly tag to the party. “Today we will hold an executive meeting so as to go over everything, so that we can take a decisive position on the matter at the executive level. We will also hold a press conference in the coming days to react to the nude video,” said Musa Yally Bachilly.

He disclosed that the Gambia Action Party will do everything possible in an effort to clear the name of its Presidential candidate for the 2021 election.

     Musa Yally Bachilly

Many feared that the damage had already been done to the party beyond correction. Bachilly himself has found himself in a financial scandal after failing to settle a debt he owed resulting in court matter. The court has since made the decision to order him to settle the money.

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