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Gambians Protest to Seek Justice for Floyd and Sisay

Several Gambians have protested in front of the American embassy in Banjul on Saturday over the killings of George Floyd and Momodou Sisay by the US police recently.

Floyd died following an officer pressing his knee for more than eight minutes late last month. His death has brought about weeks of protests across America which was characterized by violence.

A Gambian-American Momodou Lamin Sisay was a victim of the situation after being shot in Atlanta, Georgia as he joined the protest. According to the police information, Lamin was armed with a gun and was killed in a shootout.

Momodou Lamin Sisay

The family was not convinced on the police account. The Gambia government has since called for credible investigation into the matter.

“We need justice because they have been killing blacks for a very long time. If it were a white person, they will charged with murder. If it’s us blacks, they would say it was an accident” says a young protester Binta Singhateh

An unidentified English protester says what happened to George Floyd is wrong.

“Completely barbaric and inhumane and it gets to stop. We all have to stand together against racism. We all need to stand and say enough is enough,” he says.

Gambian protest over the killings of George Floyd and Momodou Sisay

Rev Daniel Alexandra Thomas, also a protester says the world need to stop racism and systematic discrimination.

“We have to show the world that what’s happening not only in America in most of these developed countries is bad.

“It’s simple systematic discrimination and even places like England which am aware of because I studied and lived there as well, is only because they don’t carry guns but you would’ve heard the same thing that’s happening in America as well.

“I have been a victim, so I know exactly what’s happening there,” he tells The Chronicle.

The protesters read a petition letter in front of the U.S Embassy official, demanding justice whiles challenging the U.S government to put an end to all forms of discrimination against blacks in the U.S.

The US Regional Security Officer, Becky Mcknight represented the ambassador to hear the protesters. She says the U.S Embassy shared the same values with Gambians.


Omar Faye is a reporter with Choice FM Radio and Freelancing for the Chronicle. He’s currently studying Journalism and Communication at the Media Academy for Journalism and Communication (MAJaC).

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