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# Gambians Online Episode 1: The Imam and the Accusation [FICTION]

What’s Up Gambia posted an update:

Imam impregnates young girl – mosque erupts in scandal! [Click here to read more…]

* Bakary Dampha: astagfirullah! I hope Allah forgives the one who concocted this headline, the one who edited, the one who printed and even us the ones reading! What’s Up Gambia pls pls I’m begging you take this down Allah’s wrath is not something to play with! Baah na daal. [3 Likes]
* Jainaba Makalo: take down for what – I don’t understand??? They’re reporting on something going on what is wrong with that. oh I see so when anyone else does it they’re rapists but if imam does it it’s fine? I didn’t realize there are two levels of judgement. [10 Likes]
* Modou Faal: What’s Up Gambia you should be ashame of posting this!! True Muslim will never post this! Just don’t change and see!!!!
* Fatoumatta Jawara:  give us a break. Imam yaafi gaynaa bonn! chim lakat! [3 Likes]
* Boy Ndoye: Fatoumatta Jawara you should change your name to Pauline. You not true Muslim.
* Fatoumatta Jawara: roflmao! So now you people choose who’s Muslim and who’s not. Hahahaha!
* Modou Faal: you wil continue this laughter in hell fire if you don’t mind yourself!
* Alhasan Camara: This is the comment readers association reminding you to please keep your comments short so they can be easier to read. Thank you [45 likes]
* O Boy: @alhassan camara: 🤣🤣 bro yang ma tass


Bobbens Ndow updated his status:

To me this is only about one thing: did he or did he not do it? Everything else is beside the point.

* Agi Jankeh: no is not beside the point cuz they’re attacking people’s beliefs! Maybe not importan to u but to other people is. Leave and let live!
* Eternal Y: I don’t find this argument the least bit convincing. Insofar as he’s an Imam and a member of the so-called sociopolitical as well as theological systems which the colonialists interfered with upon their arrival… [20,506 words left – click here to read more…] [5 Likes]
* Bobbens Ndow: bro I think we’re saying the same thing lol… I didn’t say “not only” I said “only” – please read again. [12 Likes]
* Buba Pa Rapper:  woye! Eternal Y dor read bala nga binda essay 🤦🏾‍♀️ [3 Likes]
* Eternal Y: Son buma yap y! Nume fa demeh? Yaang ma loss deh. [1 Like]
* Buba Pa Rapper: Ah bro maangi around naa la aksi this weekend. [1 Like]
* Eternal Y: Defal loelu [1 Like]


Fatz Bah updated her status:

Just because someone has religious authority doesn’t mean they can’t do evil things. Get off your high horse! #ibelieveher #menaretrash

* Pa Ansu Deen (Ansumana): Im just wondering. If men are trash does that include your own father and husband?
* Fatz Bah: Yup you’re not going to get it because you’re a MAN.
* Pa Ansu Deen (Ansumana): Yes I understand u think I’m trash that’s fine. Just asking does that include your father and husband under that harsh tag?? [2 Likes]
* Boy Bi Njie: Jarr naa laajte deh! I can never understand how they just generalize imagine if we start women are trash hash tag.
* Eternal Y: sisters! You know I always stand with you and against all oppression! 🏾 but my concern is that a lot of men get turned off when you generalize cause they see themselves in the generalization. Perhaps a more inclusive approach would help.
* Bling Bling Jariatou: “inclusive approach” didn’t end slavery! The white oppressor was not felled by kindness! We must be militant and not coddle the oppressors or they will never have an incentive to change the status quo! [9 Likes]
* Pa Ansu Deen (Ansumana): So we are the oprresores? We work hard to care for our families, clothes, feed, school fees, uniform, hari tobaski, bills, everything. I respect and love my wife and we both know our role in family. And u want to tell me I’m an oppressor to her? Haha – u people are crazy belie walie. [4 Likes]
* Eternal Y: Bro that’s the thing with privilege – it’s very hard to recognize it when it favors you and you come to take it for granted  I think the ladies are making a good point and we have spoken as men for a while now perhaps it’s time to listen to them? [18 Likes]


What’s Up Gambia posted an update:

Today we had an exclusive interview with the mother of the girl who recently accused the Imam. She told our reporter:

“All these children were raised under me. What happened happened because Allah willed it. I have spoken to her I want this whole thing to just go away. I just want to move on with our lives and take it as the decision of Allah. Inshallah He will do what is best, and He will pass His judgement”. When pressed further the old woman informed us that she had been visited by the authorities but had declined to press charges. Full interview coming soon – watch this space.

* What’s Up Gambia🇬🇲: We understand that this is a sensitive topic but we ask that everyone be respectful of each other. – Fool 1
* Chama Cham Lie: Woye what’s up gambia asking for respectability  the world done end O! [19 Likes]
* Boy Wuli: but what does she think about the accusations. Does she think the imam is guilty? A good journalist would have asked her that.
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: a mosque is a house of Allah – all that happens in it happens under His watchful eye. Even more so than other places. He knows and He will judge.
* Fatoumatta Fat Matta: yes but what does she think personally? This is the problem with Gambian society. Why do we sweep everything under the rug of sutura? [2 Likes]


Mariama Sidibeh updated her status:

Chey lii! Imam buuye mbaraan di sexually harass and y’all want us to just shut up about it and carry on?! Muke- not fii! We will scream it from the taahi kowe till everyone can see what a corrupt lot y’all are, going around hiding under the guise of religion! chipu!!

* Fanta Fatty: more ma si jaahal di – ku wahh deh?! WTH? how does being an Imam give you immunity??
* Saffla Di General Tamba: sis pla take down this post is not becoming of a muslim! honesty when honesty due. thank you. 🏽
* Mariama Sidibeh: I’m not your sis and if you don’t like my post go to another page! Thank you. Nonsene!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: sis no need to be angry on us ok? Don’t know what ur problem is ok but have to tell Allahs truth no matter consiquens ok! u are setting your own trap of afterlife following western standards but you will regret inshallah. just don’t mind and see.
* Mariama Sidibeh: this has nothing to do with western standards. It’s about justice and fairness.
* Dampha Kunda: justice and fairness by your standards, which you got from the west. Have you stopped to consider that it might be the opposite? That the girls lying and imam is innocent? Why the rush to judgment?
* Jainaba Makalo: mann what I wanna know is what incentive would a teenager have to lie such a big lie, knowing what would happen if caught? Ban teenager more am fiit bi gambia??!?? [11 Likes]
* Boy Rice (Alaji Buna): what insensitivity would Imam have, pillar of community and respect by everyone to do such thing knowing consequences when caught? You people are insane belie walie. The West has rotten ur minds.
* The Lioness is the Actual Hunter Camara: mann balaa maa deh they start accusing you of being the west’s puppets. Like people don’t have their own brains chipiru! How bout I say you’re an Arabian puppet would u agree? [5 Likes]
* Boy Rice (Alaji Buna): sis I follow the one true religion. U can call that whatever u want including puppet. U see my belief is too strong for dat maybe urs is weak.
* Mariama Sidibeh: okaaaaay…. anyway to get back to the topic does anyone know if the police are investigating this?? [2 Likes]
* James Mendy III: Sis they release statement but not sure if investigation currently ongoing. Check link: My own humble opinion, though admittedly subjective, is that all facts should be established first before we judge anyone. [10 Likes]
* Jumit Jammeh: subhalah what has gambia turn to in this new regimen?? Under Babili you will never hear nothing like this!
* Boy Rice (Alaji Buna): @Jumit Jammeh you’re stupid leave politics out of this.


Uztass Bakawsu the Elder updated his status:

O ye who believe! We have indeed reached the end of days! I just read something I don’t even dare repeat, except to say that these are the signs for those willing to read them. Our children are wayward and lost because their parents have left the path! Truth be told. I do not know where Gambia is headed but may Allah save us because we are beyond human saving now.

* Fallou Ceesay Jowrin: Respect yourself before you can call for respect for others! You’re an old man. Baah na daal.
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: Wow wow wow!!! You know dis man here is ur elder right?!? U have no respect for ur father then don’t bring that here. U bastard! Fuk u y!
* Fallou Ceesay Jowrin: insult all you want I’ll say truth. I can’t say such to my father because my father would never condone such behavior. He respect himself before he died.
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: I SAID FUK U! U HAVE NO RESPECT!
* Ishmail Bayo: @Modou Lamin Jaiteh Bro please nyaan naa la – don’t let him get u to do what u were preventing him doing. Then it’s just same. Just leave to Allah inshallah He will punish.
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: Bro this PUNK is making me angry!! Does he knows what Oustass Bakausu worth to us??? If he have no home training I will give him some!
* El’Hajj Abdou Touray: ameen oustass!
* Rohaya Demm: ameen ameen 🏽
* Jatou Mballow: this is what elder is good for in house. To tell truth when necessary and fear no man. Ameen y.


Njaimeh Hariti Popaam Yaayi Doomam Magi Rakaam posted a new update:

I am not saying he did it or didn’t do it only Allah knows but we girls nowaday also have to be careful in how we comport ourselves. I know they will attack me for this but this western fast fast life is just not for us. Secondly one shud be mindful when one is around house of God that’s why they separate the genders during juli. What was she doing in such a situation she was in men’s section to leave the Imam compromised? Again only Allah knows the truthful but this is just my own two sense. Wassalaam.

* Alagie Alieu Corr: thank you sis dis is what we expect from good Muslim woman. Allah will reward you inshallah.
* Fatmatta Bint Ceesay: mahaallah sis.
* Soxna Si Ya Salaam: mashallah abaraka – Allah bless you 🏽
* El’Hajj Abdou Touray: today the deen has spoken thru u mashallah sis.
* Oumiatou Holi Jekeram: mashallah!
* Yatou Mbye: maa saala!
* Rohaya Demm: Ma sa laa sis – tnx for speaking for me.
* Effo Jammeh: malasha sis! You spoke well well today! 🏾
* Ya Amie Jangha: hey suma njekeh wahh na! y hanaa abaaya bii man nga ko meye nak. Called ur mum but did not get her pls tell her to return call. Aunty AJ.
* Bling Bling Jariatou: It’s a shame that women who r supposed to defend other women instead pull them down. This is why we cannot make any progress in getting equal rights. [10 Likes]
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: Sis take ur equal rights toubab nonsense out of here this is Muslim country. What the toubabs calls equal is just perversions real equal is in Islam and given by Allah. Every one has clear role to play n building a good family.
* Bling Bling Jariatou: Yea it’s easy for you to say that – you’re benefiting from the patriarchy  try living a day in a woman’s shoes and see if you’ll be so fast to call it equal.
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: What patriarch?? Sis I don’t need to live in shoes I know lots of woman who follow Islamic way and r very happy and blessed alhamdulillah. U people get ur western education and all these words and come and use them on us to make us sound like barbarians. But only a fool wud abandon the path of our forebearers. Just carry on u will be disappointed.


Latirr Carr updated his status:

I’m not saying this as a husband but as a lover of chicken – this chop shop grilled chicken is the sh**! @Baaye Faal: sa bosan laa haar – gaawal before ma dohal ko deh!


Mariama Sidibeh posted a life event: Got Married to Momodou Sillah. 🏾

* Binta Sidibeh: congrats cuzz!!! My fave couples!
* Yatou Mbye: OMG you guys tied the nut! Congrats sis so happy for you.
* Saffla Di General Tamba: I guess uve wised up and stopped ur crusade against Islam. I will continue to pray for u inshallah. Ameen.
* Chiimu Ndawe: what is this idiot talking about? So now people can’t even celebrate their marriages in peace – chei! Anyway sis congrats yal na yaaga teh barrka!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: @chiimu ndawe if u cannot mind ur own business and save ur life I will mind it for u! You don’t kno me but ask bout me! I am saffla di general afraid of nobody but Allah!
* Bling Bling Jariatou: “saffla the general” tamm 🤣🤣 🤦🏾‍♀️ gal pls don’t even give this attention seeker space to say his nonsense. Ma yaamu congrats!!! Sa holl sett na rafet na mashallah! U deserve all the things!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: @Bling Bling Jariatou: you can laugh now or laugh later. Word to wise is enough! Baah na.
* Bobbens Ndow: dude can you please take this nonsense somewhere else? You have no respect for yourself taysanteing with women here. Mayaamaa! I’m so happy this day finally came! You deserve all of it! Brother welcome to the fam better keep my best sis well!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: taysanteh!!??
* Saffla Di General Tamba: me n taysanteh!??
* Saffla Di General Tamba: boy u mad! Come here reply tell who is taysanteh!!! Boy u know who u dealin?!!??1?
* Saffla Di General Tamba: u wanna see taysanteh mmet me bakau beach tonite!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: if u the Man u callitn yourself!!
* Bintou Gal:  Woye doff na nak – so the t word is his trigger – hahaha. Mayaaa you know me and u du teye – u deserve every happiness u get gal. Ur one in a billion truly.
* Saffla Di General Tamba: oh u want to join moccking too?? Just come to bakau beach you’ll see if chati chati mouth ken take u anywer in dis world.
* Saffla Di General Tamba: u want to come here and spoil this good Imam’s name u think we’ll let u get away with it!!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: hell no!!!1!
* Fatz Bah: Maayaamaa! Congrats gal! You can only get goodness because you’re pure good. Love you. PS I know you’re busy with honeymooning – wink wink – but when you have a moment please come delete this lunatic’s comments.
* Saffla Di General Tamba: ahhhh LUNATIC????!!
* Saffla Di General Tamba: IM KUNATIC NOW?!??
* Saffla Di General Tamba: I will teach u all lesson today!!! Taysanteh and lunati??!? Me Saffla????

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DJ Mborr Mborr Di Gaza Selecta updated his status:

Dem girls nowadays a go wear taati neen in front a ole crowd and dem a call fi equal right! Dem mek no sense at all! Fire burn Babylon living!

* Lamin Kinteh Odawise Know as Fireman: Ay yow DJ Mborr Mborr Doing it gaza style mi seh! Dem gals a all on the wrong side a morality dem a go burn burn burn.
* Gambian Poffcorn: preach gainst dem headen mi seh!
* Yatou Mbye: My fav DJ always on point!
* Ahmed Tijan: Practice what you preach – do you see the girls on your dance floor every night? You promote Babylon living just like dem you a castigate. It’s your bread and butter.
* DJ Mborr Mborr Di Gaza Selecta: Well in as far as that is a different context I am comfortable with it. I play bad tunes – me na promote nathing from Babylan! Dem who know know. Brap brap!


What’s Up Gambia posted an update:

In a poll we took 68% of Gambians believed the girl is lying while only 33% believed the Imam is guilty. What is your take?

* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: Yes just continue this path of publicizing this matter and defaming a man of god. You’ll see where it leads you inshallaha. [33 Likes]
* Imogen Brown: sorry I don’t know what you mean by defaming. They are reporting the results of a poll they conducted. What do you people want? Is the Imam not human? Can he not commit crimes just like the rest of us? This cultist mentality just doesn’t make sense. [55 likes]
* Ba Foday: @Imogen Brown go back to your country this has nothing with you. Maybe where you from religion leaders are wicked people and abusing boys but here we respect ourselves. An Imam would never commit such or Allah wud not allow him to continue! Just d fact that you are saying this shows you don’t understand Gambian culture. Talk about what you know.
* Ousman Sallah: Bro I wish I can give you 1 million likes! These people come in and think that they understand us better than ourselves! That’s where this whole gay issue came from too! You see what she said “cultist”. To them we’re just stupid people following stupid religion. But inshallah they’ll be ashamed.
* Mary Jessica Sowe @Imogen isn’t it a bit much calling it cultist though? I mean in this particular instance the Imam may be guilty but that doesn’t mean you have to castigate a whole religion – that’s billions of people!
* Imogen Brown: I did not refer to the religion as cultist – read back on what I wrote. I was talking specifically about mentality of Imams defenders. Sorry for any confusion.
* Mary Jessica Sowe: Oh OK I see. My bad. Internet is not always easy to communicate on.
* Imogen Brown: no problem should have been more clear.
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: @Imogen go and ask ur four fathers who was having cultist mentality and who was burning women and calling them witch! You people think u invent civilization while ur history is so nasty.
* Mam Phatou: So now there are 101% people in Gambia? 🤣 Chey What’s Up Gambia hanaa you guys failed math common entrance? [22 likes]
* 🇬🇲What’s Up Gambia🇬🇲: we did GCE A levels  – Idiot 2 [18 Likes]
* Alhasan Camara: This is the comment readers association asking that you all keep your comments short for reading purposes [3 likes]
* Saul Ceesay: @Alhasan Camara yeah that was funny first 100 times I saw it now it’s just old  [21 likes]
* Alhasan Camara: enjoy ur joke and I’ll enjoy mine tnx. Ure not the joke master and am not the mistress. [7 Likes]
* Ebou Taala: what’s up gambia you should be ashamed of publishing such and tarnishing image of gambia abroad. You’re part of the problem. This is why I NEVER visit this page!
* Fanta Fatty: the patriarchy is strong  sure let’s blame this poor girl whose life has been messed up that’s very normal  and then say the country will make it. Acha rek. [7 Likes]
* Pa Modou:  give us a break. This has nothing to do with patriarchy – you crazy feminists smh. [3 Likes]
* Fanta Fatty: Haha. The fact that you call me crazy says enough about you so jarute tontu! Just know that a man secure in himself would never insult a lady.
* Pa Modou: That’s true but you’re not a lady are you? A lady requires a gentleman and you lot wanna rubbish all that
* Fanta Fatty: Perhaps you should read up on feminism before making such ignorant claims. [4 Likes]
* Pa Modou: Oh I don’t need to – I see enough with y’all feminist warriors in my feed everyday. lmao!! Do you ever take a break? shower, go out on a date, stop being so stressed? [3 Likes]
* Yahya Abubacarr Touray: Hey all dis feminutes need is good porjing n set them straight. Lol lol.
* Amadou Jallow Bojang: Rofl brotha u seem joking but its true deh! I see one feminits my boy handle her after that she shut up about all that nonsense! lmaoooo.
* Sheikh Mbacke: loooooool. bros u killing me! so funny n so true!
* Lady Aisha: Wow! Every time you think you’ve found a Gambian guy at the very bottom of the barrel someone else comes along… I don’t even know where to start! For all the women out there reading this pathetic display know that things won’t stay terrible forever. We will fight for what is ours – dignity, respect, equal treatment – until we get it because it’s the most important fight of our lives and the lives of our daughters. Keep your heads up ladies! [74 Likes]
* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: lol if u want dignity get a husband and take care of ur kids and behave well in society. If u go out insulting our traditions how do u expect respect and equal treatment? This western path will not get u anywhere so quit fooling urselves.
* Mam Phatou: @Lady Aisha: thank you! Your levelheadedness in the middle of such immaturity speaks volumes about our cause. It made my heart warm reading your comment – kudos!  [21 Likes]
* Saffla Di General Tamba: blah blah blah ever since thiz toubab brut you dis feminist things no one ken hear or speak. ah! did our parents generation have anything like such? No wonder we have no barakeh in ours. wat the good for goose not for gander! Let the toubab go with their nonsense concepts things we r alright with our system that’s worksed for generations and millennium.


The Lioness is the Actual Hunter Camara posted an update:

To all the people sending in threats please keep it up. Show me how you talk to your Mamas – I’m enjoying reading your rudeness. And guess what? Now I’m gonna post about this topic EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY until this PERVERT is arrested! I don’t bend or break so JUST TRY ME!

* Badara Ceesay: Sis Sis calm down pls who is threatening u??
* Isatou Tamba: Mungoak – they have aroused the wrath of Chineke nak! @fatu baldeh come take your friend to the spa. rofl.
* Fatu Baldeh: Rofl – the wrath of chinek I remember well well do you remember when it was applied to Mr Abaku? 🤣🤣🏾
* Isatou Tamba: Looool – Mr Abaku – I remember. Beh school close rest of day! 🤣
* Pa Ansu Deen (Ansumana): I was one of ones who messaged u reminding u ur duty to Allah and to ur religion. If u take that as threat then I apologize – I was just carrying out my religious duty to u as a fellow Muslim.
* The Lioness is the Actual Hunter Camara: You call telling me I “will roas in hell fire with big metal stick thru ur bottom rotating as they saaf u” a reminder?!!? U know what get off my fu**ing post before I embarrass u! And keep ur warnings and information I know how to use google too thank u!
* Nabou Jagne: Niece yaangeh merr deh! Bullen toppa denyu lai tardel dawal gaaw as magigain said. LOL.
* The Lioness is the Actual Hunter Camara: Aunty Nabou belie these fools wanna make me mad! Now they have what they want let’s see who blinks first!!
* Pa Ansu Deen (Ansumana): Reading it now it may seem harsh but is only facts Sis! That is indeed the description of jahanama. Warning before wounded. That’s all.
* The Lioness is the Actual Hunter Camara: I SAID GET OFF MY F*****G POST. Are you hard of hearing?
* Alhasan Camara: am here for the comments. n i have some  to share  [3 Likes]


What’s Up Gambia posted an updated:

Girl who accused Imam of sexual assault commits suicide [click here to read more…]

* Modou Lamin Jaiteh: Allahu akbar! This is what happens when you transgress on Almighty – may Allah forgive her and let this be a warning to all.
* Mam Phatou: suicide is a mental illness issue. If you don’t know you don’t know so enough with the judgement.
* Modou Jah: sis no one is judging here – everyone know what she did is wrong. You can call mental health or anything like that doesn’t matter. suicide is haraam in every religion known to man’s kind.
* Jai Manneh Sidibeh: @modou jah have you never had a family member or friend suffer from mental health issues?!? Or tried to take their life?? I beg please.
* Saihou Samba: if anyone has video pls messenger me pls. Want to see. Very sad tho.
* Bling Bling Jariatou: so y’all trashy mofos have bullied this poor kid into taking her own life simply for reporting abuse against her – I hope y’all are proud. Keep quoting Allah see if it saves you – you’re all going to hell!! This is why I hate Gambia sometimes!
* Pa Modou: yeah yeah drama queen – no one bullied her into anything. And secondly you are speaking as if the imam was already convicted which is not the case – this was an accusation without any witnesses! So naturally the Imam is the one lying and the girl telling the truth? Does that make sense to you?? Her death is sad and may Allah forgive her but hell na I’m not taking blame for supporting the word of an Imam!
* Fanta Manneh Sidibeh: U knw anyone can become Imam right??
* Pa Ansu Deen (Ansumana): That is wrong and u are wrong for saying! Only da Allah chosen by can hold such position!
* Amy Corr: This is just rotten all around. No matter whether it was the Imam or not it’s clear the girl was abused or how else would she have gotten pregnant. Now imagine her alone, identifying the abuser, facing all kinds of hostility, undergoing these changes in her body… it would overwhelm even an adult. Could we not have sympathy at least for that today and mourn her, instead of the usual attacks and fights over feminism and religion? She was a Gambian citizen – we failed her as a nation. What we should do is try to make sure we don’t fail other little girls.
* Jangha Faal: @Amy Corr: Thank you – that was very well put. I’ve commented on previous posts attacking the girl because I didn’t think there really was enough evidence to convict the Imam like that in public. But you’re right – this really shouldn’t have ended this way and for that I’m sorry.
* 🇬🇲What’s Up Gambia🇬🇲: We have contacted the girls mother. As you can imagine she is still in a state of shock. We managed to put together donations for her worth D40,000 to cover the funeral costs. She said she’s happy at least little Haddy will get a proper burial and sarahh, and she asks that we continue to pray for her daughter.
* Rohaya Demm: Whats up Gambia first time gen deff lu baah – well done! To add to the prayers I hope she is welcome home in janna. And going forward we really need to do better for our little girls. Regardless of case this was failure on all Gambians part. May she abide in janataul firdaus ameen.
* Yatou Mbye: ameen!

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Amran Gaye is a Gambian social commentator.

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