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Gambians Migrants in Germany are Second Community to Seek Opportunity of Training

Gambians are the second community of migrants making use of the opportunity to secure prospects of staying in Germany through training after rejection in the asylum procedure.

It is a revelation from the German media outlet Badische Zeitung, quoting statistics from the German Central Register of Foreigners.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, a look at the Central Register of Foreigners shows that at the end of May, 8,001 foreigners were registered in Germany for a so-called training toning.

Of these registered migrants, more than 2000 came from Afghanistan.

Gambians and Iraqis followed in second place with a good 500 training tonings each.

Third place went to Iran and Guinea with around 400 trainees each. Finally, around 300 each came from Armenia, Albania, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Anyone who lives in Germany as a rejected asylum seeker with a tolerated stay is obliged to leave the country but cannot currently be deported.

The training was introduced in 2015 as a reason for tonation. Since January 2020, this lane change from the right of asylum to a stay based on training has been regulated in a separate law and extended to certain assistance and helper training.

However, the prerequisite is that the helper activities subsequently enable them to enter qualified vocational training.

Rejected asylum seekers whose identity has not been clarified are generally excluded from the training toning.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, there were also 819 people in Germany with a residence permit for qualified tolerated persons at the end of May. These are foreigners who have found a job after an apprenticeship.


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