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Gambian Protesters Call for President Barrow to Step Down

Happening now

Thousands of Gambian protesters have taken to the streets of sting corner to Denton bridge, in the outskirts of the capital Banjul, calling for Gambian President Adama Barrow to honor his 3 years promise and step down. Adama Barrow will reach three years in office in January 2020.

A new movement ‘3 Years Jotna’ is pressuring him to keep to his word and step down.

In December 2016, seven political parties and an independent candidate united and backed the candidature of Barrow to defeat President Yahya Jammeh, one of Africa’s longest serving leaders.

The Chronicle’s Kebba Jeffang reporting live from the protest

Protesters chant slogans as they march-on calling for Barrow to step down. “Adama Barrow step down, “they chant. “No to Five Years.Stay with us as we bring you more on the ongoing protest. We are also live on our Facebook page, The Chronicle.

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  1. […] for only 3 years. He however reneged on that promise. This gave birth to a protest movement, ‘3-years jotna’, meaning 3 years is up, a citizens led protests aimed at pressuring the president to […]

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