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Gambia Tertiary Learning Institutions Reopen Wednesday

All the tertiary institutions including universities, colleges, technical and vocational training institutions (TVETs) will reopen on Wednesday 14th October 2020, according to the Ministry of High Education, Research, Science and Technology (MoHERST). This was disclosed on Friday at a press conference announcing a progressive resumption of learning at all levels in The Gambia.

All schools were closed by the government in March after the country recorded its first case of coronavirus. This led to an academic year disruption across the board – from the basic and secondary education, including Islamic schools, to high learning centers.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mot Secka, said that COVID-19 set a major blow on the educational system for the last eight months. According to him, the ministry has been doing some consultation in bid to reopening all higher learning institutions across the country.

Though he did not explain what strategy yielded out of the said consultations, Mot Secka said “We have developed a strategic plan for the various higher learning institutions and TVETs to ensure that they are fully supported before the reopening of their institutions on Wednesday”. He urged all concerned institutions to ensure that the COVID-19 response guidelines are fully complied with.

Amazingly, the issue of overcrowding in government higher public learning institutions is yet to be fully addressed by the government. Mot Secka announced that the Ministry of High Education is planning to meet with the management of Gambia College and the University of The Gambia to discuss the issue of overcrowding in the classrooms. “We intend to discuss with them in this issue because they are the highly overcrowded higher learning institution in the country.”








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  1. Foday Camara says

    The overcrowding in schools classrooms concerns all of us. But without a first hand assessment of the situation when schools open, the solution cannot be found.
    So it’s the tight move by Government to reopen institutions so as to what are we dealing with.

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