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Gambia Suspends Flights from 13 European Countries

Banjul International Airport

The Government of The Gambia has suspended flights from thirteen European countries from landing at the Banjul International Airport as a measure to halt the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

This came on the heels of public pressure on the government to shut down flight landing at the country’s only airport. The Gambia has announced suspension of public gathering, restricted public officials from travelling and ordered the closure of the schools to curb the virus but failed to declare that airport be closed to incoming flights. 

The pressure was mounted on the government following the confirmation of one case involving a Gambian 28 old lady who arrived from the United Kingdom and tested positive on Tuesday at MRC. 

According to the State House statement on Thursday, a cabinet meeting was held where health experts recommended the decision. Consequently, the following European countries are affected.

The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Portugal.

“The 4th Cabinet session chaired by President Adama Barrow has been updated on the COVID-19 situation in the country. An immediate decision was taken that flights from thirteen countries are suspended with immediate effect until further notice,” the statement indicated. 

“The decision follows the recommendation of the Health Experts Committee concerning the recent development on COVID-19.”

While this is welcomed by some Gambians, others are still demanding from the government a total shutdown of the airport that may lead to passage of infected people.  

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  1. Patrick says

    These 13 countries have suspended flights to Gambia. So Gambia has done nothing.Why isn’t China,Senegal and morroco detailed ?

  2. john whatley says

    When is likely it to re open for flights to canary isle’s

  3. Haddy says

    When will the airport reopened

  4. Lamin says

    So has previously asked do we know when the airport will be open as beautiful as The Gambia is some of us need to get home and also the effect here on Gambians with no tourists is devastating

  5. sainabou mbye says

    Gambia should act fast and let us know when the international flight will begins. all activities began in the Gambia, why they are still keeping foreign people in their country is what should be iron out. others western world began both international and domestic flight. the Government need to make this possible fast with all procedure needed to follow.

  6. Siska says

    I have residence in gambia my family is living there
    I need to go back on the 23rd of September but I don’t.know if I can go . Al’s the African countries are open there airports even South Africa Malawi ghama Nigeria Liberia and Europe we had more problems then gambia . And we are free to.travil no.lockdowns anymore.
    Shame on gambia how can poeple survive there no water no electricity. Nothing no tourist

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