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Gambia Risks British Visa Sanctions for Non Compliance on Deportations

Shortly after being slapped with visas restrictions by the European Union, The Gambia could be a new aim in the United Kingdom’s drive to compel countries to accept their nationals set for deportation from the U.K.

The Times reported that the United Kingdom has difficulty sending back nationals to The Gambia, Eritrea, and Bangladesh. But also India and Pakistan.

However, Pakistan is expected to get an exemption because “much bigger things are at stake,” including security and counterterrorism partnerships. Similar has been the case with India because of a migration and mobility deal struck with India, including exemption from visa penalties.

With The Gambia not “having bigger things at stake” like Pakistan and India, the faith Gambians seeking entry visas to the U.K could significantly suffer the new arsenal provided to the British Home secretary. She will now have powers to impose visa penalties on countries that do not take back failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals.

Suppose The Gambia remains stubborn with not accepting the deportations of its nationals from the U.K. In that case, Priti Patel could now be able to suspend visa applications from The Gambia, impose a £190 surcharge on their applications or increase visa processing time.

Next week, British MPs are expected to debate amendments to the Nationality and Borders Bill, where the asylum laws will be debated. In addition, the powers will bring an overhaul to the visa service, including study, work, visitor, and settlement visas.

The bill will also include new age assessment techniques to crack down on adult asylum seekers posing as children. Patel has sanctioned X-rays of forearm bones and DNA analysis such as methylation, which are believed to be accurate ways of finding out of age.

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