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Gambia Gov’t Ends Mandatory Quarantine, Reopens Country To Full Business

The Government of The Gambia has on Friday announced the official end of the two-week mandatory quarantine it imposed on visitors entering our country as a mean to fight the spread of Covid-19. Instead, an evidence of 72-hour “COVID Negative Test” prior to departure is the only measure required for travelers destined to The Gambia.

All indications are that The Government of The Gambia gradually prepares the ground to open up to the world, at least to countries that offer sufficient guarantees in combatting the Coronavirus.

On September 17th, when the curfew ended, President Adama Barrow did not move to enforce another extension as recalled this Friday by the government spokesperson, Ebrima Sankareh, in a statement: “The State of Public Emergency (SoPE) effectively expired by midnight on the 17th September, 2020 and His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has subsequently lifted the nightly curfew“.

To the travelers who intend to visit The Gambia, Ebrima Sankareh in his statement announced to have lifted the restrictions like the mandatory quarantine and other measures imposed on inbounding visitors. “As The Gambia Government gradually relaxes various restrictions based on the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic, all intending travelers to the country are reminded of these facts: The SoPE is therefore, not extended […]. The two-week mandatory quarantine is abolished. Instead, the evidence of 72-hour COVID Negative Test prior to departure is required for travelers destined to The Gambia; isolation is no longer tenable except where the passenger is COVID-positive“, Ebrima Sankareh said in his statement.

The Gambia government’s spokesperson also noted that all local businesses can resume operations “All markets throughout The Gambia, regardless of the category of goods they sell have since been permitted to open for business“.

Notwithstanding, the government of The Gambia seems to hint that the new measures should not cast a shadow of doubt that Coronavirus continue to remain a public enemy. “All citizens and residents of The Gambia as well as prospective visitors shall adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and ‘The Public Health Emergency Act (Dangerous Infectious Diseases) Protection Regulations, 2020’ of the Ministry Health”, the government spokesman said.

The latest set of measures aimed at easing the Covid-19 restrictions are a clear indication that the government of The Gambia intends to take full advange of the coming Tourism season as a mean to give a new breath to the dying economic activity in the country. How the government will reconcile its new policy to the strict observance of the Public Health guidelines remains to see.

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