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Gambia Government Declares Scores of Foreign Businessmen Persona Non Grata

The Government of The Gambia has declared scores of foreign businessmen persona non grata for aiding and abetting ex-president Yahya Jammeh loot and defraud millions of Dalasis and Dollars belonging to the people of The Gambia.

Among those specified in the Gambian government White Paper released last Friday, includes Mr. Muhamed Bazzi and Ali Yussef Sharara, both Lebanese nationals, Nicolai Buzianu and Dracos Buzianu, both Romanian nationals, and Illija Reymond and Martin Keller, both Swiss nationals.

Muhamed Bazzi at Commision of Inquiry

They were accused of operating clandestine business ventures with former President Yahya Jammeh, thus inflicting heavy financial losses to the Republic of The Gambia.

The six indicted foreign businessmen are said to have paid close to two hundred million Dollars ($200,000,000) in bribe to the accounts of ex-President Yahya Jammeh.

Accordingly, the Gambian Government decided to ban those indicted from entering Gambia’s territorial boundary. It also called on them to return all monies owed to The Gambian Government or risk losing all their assets, properties and businesses in The Gambia.

Muhamed Bazzi, Ali Yussef Sharara, Nicolai Buzianu, Dracos Buzianu, Illija Reymond and Martin Keller jointly own more than twenty businesses in the Gambia.

They have also been regarded as close associates of former President Yahya Jammeh who is alleged to have squandered more than one billion Dalasis.

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