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Gambia Discharges Two COVID-19 Patients from Hospitals

The Gambian Health Minister, Amadou Samateh has informed Wednesday that two patients of novel coronavirus cases have been discharged from hospitals following their recovery.

He said the recovery of the two cases [first and third patients] have now left only one active case [fourth case] in the country following the death of the second case last month.

Samateh disclosed that the laboratory tests of the two cases came negative consecutively.

“These tests have been negative. As per the WHO guidelines, the two consecutive negative tests for each of these individuals is a confirmation of recovery.

     Health Minister, Amadou Samateh

“So, the first and third COVID-19 cases are declared to have recovered from the disease as confirmed by the two consecutive tests going by the guidelines and these individuals have been discharged from the hospitals,” he said at his daily press briefing.

However, he urged that the development does not mean there should be any room for complacency.

“This means we must still remain as vigilant as possible. People recovering does not mean that we should take the disease lightly because we know the mortality associated with COVID-19 is increasing worldwide…” he said.

So far, he said the country has carried out 102 tests while it has isolated 233 people through contact tracing.

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