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Gambia Declares State of Emergency to Curb Coronavirus

The Gambian president, Adama Barrow has declared a state of public emergency on Friday to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Barrow made his anticipated second public speech tonight which was televised on the national television, GRTS.  

The declaration came on the heels of the proclamation he signed on 18th March 2020, which was published in the gazette as in accordance with the law, hinting that with a persisting situation existing, could lead to a declaration of public emergency. 

“I have now signed a second proclamation declaring a state of public emergency throughout the Gambia. Under this proclamation, the following measures shall be enforced with effect from today, 27th March 2020: all non-essential food outlets in all markets and enclosed shopping areas shall be closed. 

“All non-essential public places such as bars, cafeterias, cinemas, video clubs, gymnasiums, museums, night clubs, public swimming pools, event halls, casinos, gaming parlour, and sporting venues shall be closed. 

“All public places of worship shall be closed. The number of people attending any social gathering such as weddings, naming ceremony, and funerals shall be restricted to the maximum of ten people. 

“All public transports shall carry half of the total number of passengers they are allowed to transport by law,” he stated. 

The Gambia’s case confirmation remains at three so far with one death. The authorities said the closest contact to the deceased has had inconclusive test results and it was to be rerun.  

The president also invokes his powers under the Emergency Powers Act of the law of The Gambia, to sign a series of regulations, including freezing of prices of all essential commodities to prevent any form of hoarding. 

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