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Corruption – Financial Junglers Kill Gambians Too

Many deaths in our hospitals are the end result of corruption. So are a lot of fatal accidents on the roads, also triggered by corruption. Our youths die crossing the Mediterranean partly due to corruption. Corruption may not put a plastic bag over a head and choke life out of it, but corruption kills Gambians.

Yes there’s probably no direct proof to link some corrupt practices to the death of individuals but you don’t need direct proof to know that a substandard road will cause accidents and people will die. You don’t need proof to know that helping Yaya buy a mansion in Washington while EFSTH lacks basic lifesaver machines will lead to the loss of lives. There’s a reason some people put to death those convicted of corruption! Corruption kills!

That’s why I find it amusing that some of us want the “Junglers” imprisoned (even if rightly so) but we embrace the financial Junglers who also helped Yaya in his corruption knowing very well corruption is killing Gambians and has probably killed more Gambians than the Junglers have. Or do we think that it’s okay to embrace the corrupt because they didn’t directly kill anyone? If that’s the case, I guess the Junglers can also make the argument that their actions didn’t kill anyone since no one determined the exact cause of the death of their victims! As much as that may be hurtful, it may find grounds in our reasoning!

If you’re going to be outraged, by all means be outraged, but please take note that some of us also see through your inconsistency nicely cloaked in hypocrisy! If you abhor corruption and value Gambian lives, it baffles me how you can condemn “direct” killers but embrace “indirect” killers!

See, we can all pretend as if everything bad that’s happened in Yaya’s dictatorship is Yaya’s fault and his alone or we can all take responsibility and start by acknowledging that every single one of us could have done better by our dear nation. And follow up with holding each other accountable! Yaya’s enablers were not some aliens from Pluto, they are right here among us and sanitizing themselves as if they’ve done nothing wrong!

Sadly, because they’re are our family and friends and political party mates, we conveniently give them a Nelsonian eye! Meanwhile, our people who died as a direct result of the endemic corruption in Yaya’s government are the losers!

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  1. Kelepha says

    While I agree with the author that we should hound not only the Junglers but also those who committed financial crimes, I’m disappointed with this style of writing. Why not name names? Without aiming to demean the author or his message, this article is written in the style of “garuwalleh”, which is not really a mature way of broaching such important issues. To make real progress in important national discussions, we need to be specific not only about the crimes but also about the perpetrators. So if one is bemoaning some wrongdoing, please name names.

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