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FASHION WEEKEND GAMBIA: Two Nights of Glamour, Creativity And Networking

Fashion Weekend Gambia continues to amaze its audiences with glamorous designs on the runway, creativity at its peak and offering a place for networking.

The just ended 8th edition, which was held at the Labranda Coral Beach Hotel in Brufut from the 6th -7th of December has shown the glamour and creativity within the fashion industry of The Gambia.

Themed “Afro Revolution”, Fashion Weekend Gambia gave a sparkling opening demonstrating all what Africa has to offer in terms of fashion and creativity in with entertaining drums, colorful masquerade parade and of course, the glamorous and confident catwalk of the face of Fashion Weekend Gambia 2019.


The marketplace was founded by Fashion Weekend Gambia to give designers and brand owners who did not showcase on the runway the chance to sell their products and network as well.

Sainabou Mbye, CEO of SACCS Designs who attended Fashion Weekend Gambia marketplace for the first time did not regret displaying her products as she achieved a lot within the two nights in terms of networking and sales.

For Ansu Bee’s and Facil, Fashion Weekend Gambia marketplace is just perfect for their businesses. This is not their first time attending and because of the sales and networking that they usually get during the event, they intend to return every year.


The runway was filled with designs from talented and creative designers from The Gambia, Senegal, France, Denmark, Nigeria and Guinea Bissau.

Each designer showcased what “Afro Revolution” means to them.  This was seen in each design they presented, and walked by the models with the music that accompanied them.

The “Kunta Kinteh” collection by Ziza collection was among the highlights of the first night. The collection did not only reflect the theme of the event, it portrayed the resistant nature of Kunta Kinteh using appealing colours, with beautiful African prints sewn uniquely.

Colouring the first night was Shine Gambia from Denmark, her tie and dye designs were not only appealing but added light and more entertainment to the event. This collection took the audience to another level with the entertainment it was accompanied with, models adding dance moves while cat-walking.

On the second night, the runway could have not been better without Monique from Dakar and Fashion Cante from Guinea Bissau.

Monique’s collection of “Afro Peace” was unique. She used complete white prints throughout the runway, beautifully designed into outfits representing African women and their strong nature.

Fashion Cante brought materials that showed people who are not familiar with the Fulani culture how beautiful African prints are irrespective of which part of Africa they are from.

His collection portrayed originality, beauty, uniqueness and elegance.


The turnout was encouraging as both nights were graced by Gambians and non-Gambians fashion lovers. For first timers like Fatou Mbenga Jallow, she was very impressed and excited, but also very optimistic with what she saw on that night, especially with the marketplace. The products she found there can compete in any international market.


Despite the beautiful and encouraging words from designers, attendees, and even vendors from the marketplace, few recommendations were made to Fashion Weekend Gambia to look into before the next event.

Fatou Mbenga Jallow recommended them to do more local marketing in order to attract more people to the event.

      Ziza Creation

The founder of Ziza Creation recommends Fashion Weekend Gambia organizers to do casting for designers that will showcase on the runway in order for the designers to work according to the theme of the event. Sainabou, CEO of SACCS said the organizers should have a wider space for the marketplace vendors as well as more security since they have to take their goods back after the first night and return it the following day which is stressful.


Fashion Weekend Gambia is an annual event that started in 2012. It serves as a creative platform for emerging designers in the Gambia. However, over the years it has attracted international designers as well. Fashion Weekend Gambia’s aim is to create a sustainable fashion industry in The Gambia.

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