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Exclusive: Tracking C0VID-19 Billions at Highest Level

The Gambia continues to receive millions of dollars (billions in dalasi) both in cash and in other means from the donor partners to contain the spread of Coronavirus pandemic as well as restoring the livelihoods of people that were compromised by the virus.

Tax-payers are concerned as to how corrupt-free this funding could be managed on their behalf. The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MOFEA), who’s the chief accounting officer of the ministry, Buah Saidy has granted an exclusive interview to The Chronicle on Thursday.

The interview takes a critical look at each of the packages received by the government including the government’s own contributed sum amounting to 512 million dalasi, as to how it was acquired, how much has been spent so far and specifically on what.

The Chronicle’s Kebba Jeffang interviewing Buah Saidy, The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

It also provides an insight into the World Bank’s US$10 million support, how the IMF US$21 million Rapid Credit Facility was granted without parliamentary ratification and how the EUR 9 million (D512, 640 million) from the European Union’s (EU) was support the budget as it’s meant for.

The Chronicle’s Kebba Jeffang has also challenged the PS to explain how D734 million funding for the Food Support initiative was acquired and how fair and transparent the bidding process was.

Watch for answers in this exclusive video.

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