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Exclusive Interview with B.B Dabo

Former Vice President Bakary Bunja Dabo, commonly known as B.B Dabo, is on the verge of registering a new political party with his political allies.

The announcement came almost eight months after Dabo lost the leadership contest of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to Papa Njie, an outcome he’s challenging in court.

In an exclusive interview with The Chronicle’s Sheriff Bojang Jr, Dabo defends the idea of forming Gambia For All, the new party in the offing, describing it as distinct and inclusive. He speaks about his feud with the PPP, his political base and the possible impact of the PPP legacy on his future career. He also responds to accusations that he’s power hungry as well as a betrayer for serving the AFPRC military junta in 1994 as Finance Minister after the military coup.

Watch the interview below.

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