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Ex-President Jammeh’s Half-Brother Dies After ‘Short Illness’

Ansumana Jammeh

Ansumana Jammeh, a half -brother to the former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh has died late Saturday night, Ousman Rambo Jatta, 1st deputy party leader of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) confirmed the news to The Chronicle.

He is said to have died at the age of 45 at AFRICMED.

Ansumana held several key positions during the administration of ex-leader including an ambassadorial duty heading the Gambia’s diplomatic mission in Qatar.

“I know that he is a very humble and down-to-earth somebody who listens. I have had a few interactions with him and am really happy with the way he comported himself and his respect for people,” Jatta said of the deceased.

     Ansumana Jammeh

He said Ansumana died following a short illness, far less than a week.

“He is a half-brother to [ex] president Jammeh sharing the same father. I believe that he’s [ex] president Jammeh’s only biological brother.”

At around 1:22 am Sunday morning, Jatta informed The Chronicle that the corpse has already been retrieved from AFRICMED and taken to a small clinic near Latrikunda and the family members were discussing the burial time.

The APRC official Facebook page paid tribute to the deceased.

“Our heartfelt condolences to [ex] president Jammeh and the Jammeh kunda family on the demise of ambassador Ansu Jammeh. May Allah SWT grant him Jannah.”

Following the departure of the former president after the disputed 2016 elections, the new administration has set up a financial inquiry commission to investigate misappropriation of public funds by Jammeh and his associates. The commission found the late Ansumana Jammeh wanting.

During his working period under Jammeh administration, he also served as the executive director Jammeh Foundation for Peace from 2006 to 2008. He also held the position of Managing Director of Alhamdulillah Petroleum Company (APAM), sand mining business in Kartong and Brufut, from July 2015 to November 2015.

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