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Ex-Justice Minister Links Koro Ceesay’s Death to AFPRC’s $35 Million Taiwan Loan

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mustapha L. Marong has linked the mysterious death of Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay to the famous $35 Million Taiwan loan negotiated on behalf of the then military junta by Captain Ebou Jallo.

 Marong was the Justice Minister at the time of Koro’s death in June 1995. Testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission Tuesday afternoon, he suggested Koro’s death was a foul play connected to the loan. Ebou Jallo negotiated the loan deal in his capacity as the spokesman of the AFPRC regime.

Marong accused the regime of lack of respect for the law and good practice.

“These people were drunk with power. They didn’t care about the law. How can a spokesperson negotiate a loan on behalf of the government when the Finance Minister who is the statutory person to negotiate and conclude loans is there? That was an aberration,” he told the TRRC.

One of the only two photos of Ousman Koro Ceesay available to the public for the past two decades

“And that raised suspicion why Koro was put aside. This would link up with his murder. When I was in Ceesay’s home, Ebou Jallo called Master Ceesay (Koro’s father) and told him that the AFPRC would investigate Koro’s death, that they would leave no stone unturned. I am not aware whether any stone was turned up to today. I don’t remember.”

Marong testified that he called Edward Singhatey about Koro’s death and told him the family’s position was that there was a foul-play in the death of their son. “As soon as I mentioned that, there was a crescendo in the tone of his voice. His voice went up.”

He said Edward concluded that Koro’s death was an accident.

The ex-Attorney General also told the commission that he was surprised Koro’s death was not discussed during the cabinet meeting except when Edward Singhatey did “a two-minute eulogy”. He testified that as Attorney General, he never received any document from the police as part of investigations into Koro’s death.  

Alagie Kanyi confessing

Multiple TRRC witnesses have implicated Singhatey in the alleged murder of Koro. On February 28, ex-soldier Alagie Kanyi confessed to taking part in the murder and said the operation was organized by Edward Singhatey and was implemented at Yankuba Touray’s house.

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