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Everyone Will Be Accountable for Their Deeds – Barrow Tells Public Officials in Eid Message

The Gambian President has told the public officials in his Eid-ul-fitr message on Saturday that everyone will be held accountable for their deeds as they called for more commitment in their duty.

He advised all the public institutions to piously pursue the realisation of the National Development Plan (NDP) goals.

“We have to re-prioritise our development agenda by enhancing good governance and be held accountable for our institutional responsibilities.

“If there is anything to take from the holy month of Ramadan, it is for us to remember that everyone will be held accountable for their deeds,” he said in a televised speech.

He therefore urged the public officials to re-commit themselves to nation building and work together with sincerity in the service of the dear nation.

Barrow’s statement came a week later after his health minister Dr. Amadou Samateh revealed wanton corruption amongst his staff in dealing with COVID-19 funds as he addressed lawmakers.

Dr. Amadou Samateh at the National Assembly

The president says the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is rising minimally in the country, but called for vigilance.

“I am confident that our faith has strengthened us adequately to face the harsh realities of life and that our inner strength has been fortified sufficiently for us to pursue our socio-economic development aspirations as a united people.

“I admit that the health challenges confronting us are enormous, but be rest assured that our health sector is on full alert to deal with any mass outbreak of COVID-19,” the president stated.

He said it is evident that no matter what the scale of the pandemic turns out to be, it will adversely affect lives and livelihoods.

“We cannot determine how long it will take to restore normalcy and carry on with our usual socio-economic and political engagements. Yet, we need to plan and prepare for life after COVID-19.”

Barrow also called on the youth to realise that a nation can prosper only if they are able to feed themselves, create livelihood skills and optimise the use of technology.

“As we look forward to the rainy season, let us use the opportunity to actively engage in agriculture.

“This year, my government has ensured that fertilizer is available on time. As a result, I encourage all farmers to consult with the personnel of the Ministry of Agriculture for advice.

President Barrow

The Gambia officially marks the end of Ramadan on Friday and celebrates it on Saturday following the late information on moon sighting was confirmed by the Supreme Islamic Council. However, the majority of the population continue to fast on Saturday.

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