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Ever Advancing… Ever Receding

Two souls, strangers to each other only moments before, inconspicuous in the magnitude of the world, they hover in a dream-like state, held up by the melodies to which they sway in harmony.

Two souls, stripped of inhibition, of the burdens of life, of human limitation, momentarily suspended in a space of purity and perfection.

Above, the indigo sky and countless silver stars.

Below, the cold sands and the little, unseen creatures that there dwell.

In front, the sea, it’s dark waters ever advancing, ever receding.

Behind, the rest of the world, with its problems, it’s ‘not-enoughs’ and it hurts.

In the center, their two hearts, swaying with the music, melancholic, elated, nostalgic, ecstatic.

The music, erasing the line between past and present, causing words to wither and language to be redundant.

Two hearts, unified by the purest love, one which only exists in that moment, unrefined, unrestrained, unexplained.

The moment, a tiny dew drop escaped from the gardens of nirvana. An affirmation of the divinity of the human spirit, that the soul of the world was crafted from love.

Two hearts, at peace, at ease, overwhelmed, with no desire to understand, only wishing to remain in that state for eternity.

Alas, moments end, morning comes, aches return and routines unfold but two souls each have a new reason to smile, when the burdens weigh heavy and the days get dark.

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