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EU Donates Gambian-made Equipment to Fight against COVID-19

The -European Union handed over 10,000 face masks, 500 protective suits and 100 face shields made in Gambia to the Ministry of Health on Wednesday meant to accelerate the government’s effort in the fight against coronavirus.

The donation is part of a larger contribution of 2,000 protective suits and shoe covers, 40,000 face masks and 100 face shields by the EU.

“The different types of equipment are all proudly made in The Gambia and the production helps provide alternative sources of income for local businesses.  As part of their reintegration assistance, 20 returnees have produced protective suits and shoe coverings. They had previously been trained in tailoring and received sewing equipment as part of their reintegration assistance by IOM,” the EU statement indicated.

European Union Ambassador to The Gambia, Attila LAJOS
    European Union Ambassador to The Gambia, Attila LAJOS

The support is meant to enhance the availability of basic supplies and equipment to fight the pandemic in The Gambia.

“It also supports income generating activities for Gambians by promoting locally made solutions. The protective suits and shoe covers are destined for frontline immigration and border officials, while the face masks are for frontline workers and other exposed professionals and the face shields will protect medical staff.”

According to the EU, the facemasks are produced by small businesses and 107 tailors in rural Gambia and three training institutions, the PIA, Insight Training Centre and Fajara Training Centre, which have been transformed into production centres offering employment opportunities for young Gambians, including skilled returnees. The face-shields are being produced by Make3D that specialises in 3D-printed solutions.

“This innovative #TeamEurope initiative utilizes the skills of returnees to meet an urgent public health demand. We have yet again the proof that there is no stigma in being a returnee, and that returnees can make it here – Tekki Fii – while helping their country in times of crisis” – says the European Union Ambassador to the Republic of The Gambia, H.E. Attila LAJOS.

The production of the equipment is supported by the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) and the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection & Reintegration.

    Gambia’s Health Minister (middle) receiving protective suits

YEP is implemented by the International Trade Centre with the aim of reducing migration pressures through increased job opportunities and income prospects for youth.  The EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection & Reintegration supports the sustainable reintegration of returning migrants. Since 2017, IOM has assisted in the return and reintegration of over 5,000 Gambians.  Both projects are funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

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