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EU Ambassador Weighs in on 3 Years Jotna Debate, Security Sector Reform

The European Union Ambassador to The Gambia Attila Lajos has weighed in on the issue of whether or not President Adama Barrow should step down at the end of his three years.

In an exclusive interview with The Chronicle, Ambassador Lajos also spoke extensively about the security sector reform, as well as electoral reform and other issues.

Watch the video for the details.

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  1. zaaljobe says

    Your Excellency you have hit the nail on the head. How on earth can an MOU be anything worth discussing when the so-called participants were too afraid to sign it?
    How can a so-called mou written by 7 political parties be the verdict of the Gambian people? Were the parties to this agreement representing the Gambians or their own individual political parties?

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