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EFSTH to Start Producing Hand Sanitizers

The Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital would now start producing hand sanitizers, meant to cope with the further spread of the virus, thanks to the EU, Ostend City Link Banjul project.

This initiative came through a donation of medical detergents worth over eight hundred thousand dalasis, (D800, 000) funded by the EU.

The detergents include 80 drums of ethanol, 1 drum of hydrogen, 1 glycerol, 10 litter of plastic bottles, 3 alcohol meters, 80 to 100 hard plastic tanks, metal paddles, 500ml of measuring cylinder among others.

The medical detergents would help boost the country’s only major referral hospital in the fight to contain the spread of the virus as water may not always be available in the hospital

As we are aware of the current pandemic, the most fundamental thing is prevention. We have been receiving support and supplies but what is most important is prevention. The materials that we received would help us to start producing, making our own hand sanitizers” said Peter Correa Administration Officer, EFSTH

According to him, there is always a high demand for hand sanitizer in the hospital because of the volume of staff and patients in the main referral hospital

It is going to help us a lot looking at the cost to purchase these hand sanitizers, it is huge and has a serious dent in our budget. Now we are going to produce our own, this is wonderful” he said

Stressing the significance of the donation to the hospital, Fabian Ina Grant Sagnia, the Project Consultant and a principal nursing officer, said infections can’t be control but it can be managed with the help of medical products to fight unseen viruses and bacteria.

We know the hospital how it’s but providing these things, not just for coronavirus but it should be a continuous thing that I think can protect and prevent diseases nosocomial diseases

Meanwhile, the hand sanitizers once produced by the pharmacy technicians would be distributed to the entire units of the hospital but priority is given to the accident and emergency, the surgical unit, the ICU, and children’s ward respectively.




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