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Drunken Passengers Compel Barcelona-Banjul Flight to Land in Gran Canaria

An aircraft of the low-cost Vueling Airlines that covered the route between Barcelona and Banjul was diverted early this Wednesday afternoon to the airport of Gran Canaria because of two overly agitated passengers, with obvious signs of having consumed alcohol, according to Spanish airport sources.

The two drunken men on board the flight were agitated, prompting the flight commander to cut the initial route. The flight attempt to land as much as possible at Gran Canaria airport ended successfully.

The Gran Canaria airport officials did not disclose the identity of the two agitated passengers. But the police showed up at the tarmac immediately after the flight landed at the Gran Canaria airport to subsequently arrest them.

Spanish Air Traffic Controllers have also confirmed the incident and the arrest of the drunk passenger in Gran Canaria.


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