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Dr Ceesay ‘Ready To Be CA Flag Bearer If Nominated’

Following the Citizens Alliance (CA) call for nomination through an electoral committee, Dr Ismaila Ceesay one of the party’s founder and public face told ‘This week in politics’ host Essau Williams that he’ll be willing to steer the affairs of CA if bestowed with the confidence of militants. 

The party has over the week identified ten nominated seats and is looking forward to its next stage, that’s the confirmation of nominees, verification and vetting of the nominees and publication of the list of qualified candidates for election.

So it depends on whether I would be nominated by party members if the Citizens Alliance the majority of the party members have confidence in my ability to lead them, I wouldn’t say no to that” Dr Ceesay told “This week in politics” host Essau William

The political Science Lecturer turned political figure of CA said although he’s not in any way lobbying for people to nominate him, he yet believes that his work for the party is out there for everyone to see.

I’ve not been lobbying directly but I thing they would’ve obviously see that I have been working hard for the party. I don’t have to go openly or publicly to tell people to nominate for me or make me their flag bearer. I thing I would do my work and leave them to decide the rest”.

According to Ceesay, Citizens’ Alliance may not test the seat of power yet but he believes that the party has a good agenda and policies that could move the country in the right direction and ensure accountability.

However, when asked how would his government in practice and inform be different from all the other governments that the Gambia has had from independence to date this is what he said.

Well, obviously we have to have a government that is serious, that understand the work at hand and that would focus on service delivery. A government that would be open and transparent and would be accountable to the Gambian people”.

Again what does that mean accountable to the Gambian people because every government would tell you they’re accountable Yahya Jammeh included the interviewer insisted?

Obviously Yahya Jammeh said that but in action you knew he wasn’t accountable to the people and we don’t only want to say we going to be accountable to the people but to make sure we act in that order, to make sure we’ve institutions in place whereby citizens can run us accountable. We always believe that in fact, the president should be going to parliament quite more often to tell the Gambian people what the government is up to. We’re going to reduce wastage in government and that’s going to strengthen the institutions. We’re going to make sure we control government’s spending to make sure that money is spent on development” Dr Ceesay replied.

When asked what his party stand on employment is, Dr Ismaila Ceesay opined that it is “To ensure that we provide opportunities for them by building their capacities, creating more vocational institutions, by going into public private partnerships to harness our own resources because we’ve many untapped resources and employ our young people. Our marine resources, our tourism resources our agriculture and most of the value chain that comes with it”.


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