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Detained ‘Ndigal’ Follower Alleges Police Assault, Released on Bail

A follower of ‘Serign Ndigal’ faith Kebba Secka has been arrested and detained yesterday at Njau police in CRR-North before he was released today.

Secka claimed that he was physically and verbally assaulted by the policemen during the process of his arrest.

“On Friday 12th June, 2020, I left my village for the Kombos and passed through the PIU base at Kerr Mot Ali. After greeting them, I told them that I intend to go to Kombos.

“They asked me for my documents and I tendered a biometric passport. Sergeant L Darboe then said to me you f****** Ndigal people, you are the ones the government forced out and you are now staying in Senegal. I said don’t insult me,” Kebba Secka explained.

“This is how the whole issue began until he ordered Corporal Ceesay to cuffed me and teach me a lesson.”

He alleged that he was kicked and sustained internal pain.

Kebba Secka

On Saturday afternoon, Kebba told The Chronicle that he was released on self-bail to return to his village.

He said he was also tested for COVID-19 after leaving his village in Senegal but shows no symptoms. His test result is due next week.

Kebba is also a reporter working with Foroyaa newspaper.

The police spokesperson Superintendent Lamin Njie has confirmed the arrest and detention. He told The Chronicle that he was working with the Police Commissioner in CRR to get the full account of the story.

‘Ndigal’ followers believe the non-existence of five-daily prayers. Since the sect came to light, it created a religious conflict between the relatives of the same village because others believe that the five-daily prayers must be observed as dictated by Islam. This has led to a fight between the divides during the era of ex-leader Yahya Jammeh and eventually the fleeing into Senegal of ‘Ndigal’ people.

Serign Cheikh Ndigal

They’ve since challenged the matter in the high court of The Gambia and the judgment was done in favour of ‘Ndigal’ people. However, the government has so far failed to implement the court order.

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