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Curfew Commences Tomorrow in Gambia to Curb COVID 19 – Gov.t Spokesperson

The spokesperson of the government Ebrima G. Sankareh has disclosed Wednesday that curfew will be imposed starting 10pm Thursday evening to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

He said this is part of the latest Public Emergency Regulation released by the president which starts midnight tonight.

“Beginning midnight tonight, that’s after 00:00 tonight, The Gambia is going to enter a new phase of public emergency. The president, based on the powers conferred on him, by the relevant sections of the Constitution (Sec 34 1 and Sec 34 2 of the Gambian Constitution, as declared a new state of public emergency that’s going to begin effective midnight tonight,” Sankareh told the State broadcaster on Wednesday.

Ebrima G. Sankareh
      Ebrima G. Sankareh

“Tomorrow Thursday, after 10pm anybody who has no business to go out, if you go out you are in violation of this emergency regulation and the penalty is D5000.”

However, he said the curfew exempts medical staff, essential public servants, pharmaceutical companies… hospitals and clinics etc.

“Also beginning midnight tonight, there’ll be no religious gathering, whether they are gamos, religious rites, madrassas,maglis, there’ll be no prayer in the mosques, church whatever shall be closed beginning tonight. Also the airport remains closed, land borders, seas and air borders are to shut down beginning midnight tonight.”

Sankareh said no person will be allowed in the country except on humanitarian grounds and such people are required to undertake medical check before departure to The Gambia. He said people who violates the rules by entering the country will be fined D5000.

“All markets in The Gambia beginning tomorrow shall operate between 6am and 2pm.” Markets are not also allowed to operate on Sundays.

He said the curfew will last for 21 days and police, immigration and soldiers will be in the streets to enforce for compliance.

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