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COVID19 – Gambia Still Struggling with the Virus, 21 New Cases Recorded

COVID-19 cases drops in Gambia

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to rise in The Gambia with 21 new cases recorded as of today. According to The Ministry of Health (MoH) Gambia COVID-19 situational report, 161,451  people have been fully vaccinated while 35,826 people have received their first dose of the vaccine.

The report also showed that there is a total of 68 active cases. There are over 7,000 confirmed cases and 323 deaths since the pandemic hit the country in March last year.

The full situational report:

  • Five (5) new COVID-19-related deaths registered, bringing the total to 328 (Crude Case-Fatality Ratio, 3.3%)
  • The descendants’ age ranged from 51 – 94 years (4 males and 1 female)

o All had COVID-19 pneumonia and were admitted to the COVID 19 treatment centres o Four (4) of them, had diabetes mellitus as a comorbidity

  • A total of 53 new cases were registered (cumulative cases 9,789)
  • The test positivity rate is 4.9% (53/1077) of which MRCG tested 40 (4 positives) and NPHL 1037 (49


o Of the total new cases, 30 were males and 23 females, with age of range of 2 – 79 years

o Thirteen (13) cases are currently on oxygen therapy

o For reasons of testing, 30 (56.6%) tested for travelling, 13 (24.5%) for suspicion of COVID-19, 3(5.7%)

know covid-19 status and 7 (13.2 %) for unspecified reasons.

  • Six (6) cases were newly discharged from treatment centres, while 28 got discharged at least 10 days from

the day they tested positive but evaded institutional isolation

  • No new contacts were traced and monitored
  • As of 30th August 2021, the following number of people have been vaccinated with:

o Janssen & Janssen: ▪

  • Of the total national target population (≥ 18 years) been vaccinated:

o 10.5% are fully vaccinated (2 doses of AZ/Sinopharm or 1 dose of J&J)

o 11.4% received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose (AZ or J&J or Sinopharm)

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