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‘Courts are Now Very Fair, Go to the Courts’ – TAF Njie Challenges Accusers over Brufut Land Grabbing

TAF Africa Global, the leading real estate developer in The Gambia marks its 30th anniversary since establishment in 1990. The Founder and CEO, Mustapha Njie is a widely celebrated personality for his foresight to initiate modern infrastructural look of the country. 

However, he has also been tainted with allegation of acquiring the lands belonging to Brufut community without due process where he constructed his first major project – the AU Villa. The villa was constructed to accommodate the foreign dignitaries including presidents and heads of states from Africa who were attending the historic African Union Summit in Banjul in 2006.

The AU Villa in Brufut

The persisting allegation that seems not to fade any sooner insinuated that TAF Construction Ltd, as it was called then, had connived with former president Yahya Jammeh in land grabbing in the coastal town, an area today called Brufut Garden. 

But the company’s boss appears ready for any legal battle that any person may be willing to take on this matter. In this exclusive interview with The Chronicle, Njie challenges any person who contested the legality of the land acquiring process to take him to court and he will answer.

“What people think, well if they have evidence, I think courts are now very fair. Let them march to the courts. Go to the courts,” he emphasized. 

The interview was held at the sideline of the just-concluded TAFCON, an annual conference he created as a platform to discuss the state of pressing national issues including business and economy. 

Speaking to The Chronicle’s Kebba Jeffang, Njie also spoke about his career journey as well as his decision to temporally leave Gambia which was heavily rumored to be largely based on his biff with former President Yahya Jammeh. Njie also discussed the sustainability plans of the company as he grows older.

Watch the full interview below. 

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