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Court Orders Arrest of GAP Party Leader

Musa Bachilly, the Leader of Gambia Action Party (GAP) is believed to be on the run after Kanifing Magistrate ordered his arrest for declining to settle monies owed to one Mariam Joof, a Gambian residing in Senegal.

The opposition GAP leader was brought before court by Mariam Joof in June of 2018 for fraudulently obtaining 3 million CFA from her. 

Musa Bachilly, the Leader of Gambia Action Party (GAP) photo credit: QTV

He has since admitted owing such an amount to the claimant, while promising to pay it back no later than September 14th, 2018, however since, Bachilly was only able to pay back half of what was owed, prompting further court action.

On Monday, Kanifing Magistrate Court issued an arrest warrant that sought for Bachilly’s immediate arrest and ordered his detention for six weeks at the Mile Two Central Prison for not fulfilling his promises to the Claimant, Mariam Joof.

“It’s true that the court has issued an arrest warrant for Musa Bachilly, Opposition Gambia Action Party Leader since Monday, but he is nowhere to be seen or heard. I have been to his house with the beadle of the court to serve effect arrest on him, but he was not at his house,” Mariam Joof confirmed to The Chronicle.

Judgement report

According to Joof, the opposition leader still owes her one hundred and ninety-eight thousand and fifty dalasis (D198, 050), plus court charges and interests, bringing the total to one hundred and ninety-nine thousand three hundred and eighty dalasis (D199, 380). Joof alleges that Bachilly could currently be on the run. 

Efforts to reach the GAP Party leader, Musa Bachilly proved futile after many unsuccessful attempts to reach him on his phone, as well as a visit to his house at Latrikunda German. 

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