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Corruption in KMC – Mayor Bensouda Sinks Council’s CEO as his Deputy Resigns

The Deputy Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality Council (KMC)  Musa Bah resigned from his role on Monday. His resignation came a few days amid a report by Freedom newspaper that he solicited bribes of up to one million dalasis from a company.

The Mayor of KMC Talib Bensouda, told journalists at a press conference that Mr. Bah has resigned from the position of Deputy Mayor on personal grounds and will focus his efforts on serving the constituents of Latrikunda Yirinyang ward as an Elected Councillor.

The other person mentioned in these corruption allegations is The Chief Executive Officer of the Council. Mayor Bensouda revealed to Journalists that the CEO of the Council, Mrs. Sainabou Martin Sonko acquired a bank loan in the name of the Staff Association of KM  without their consent.

She used these funds to acquire a property which we believe in having been grossly overvalued and forged council documents and approval to obtain a guarantee purportedly from KM to secure a loan.”

Mayor Bensouda further added that through the Council’s intervention they were able to freeze the accounts in question and recovered more than six million dalasis.

This actions of Mrs. Sonko’s are very serious and we believe were of serious criminal nature, ranging from fraud, tax evasion, and theft.”

Mrs. Janneh-Jallow, Elected Councillor for Bakau New Town / Fajara was designated to serve as Deputy Mayor. She becomes the first-ever woman to serve in this leadership role.

The Kanifing Council has also recommended the termination of the CEO of KMC and other individuals involved in the matter. In addition, relating to a digital revenue collection contract, a complete investigation and committee review was recommended with immediate effect.







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