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Coalition 2016 Finance and Fund-Raising Vice Chairperson Says ‘President Barrow is a Betrayer’

Musa Sonko, Vice Chairperson of the finance and fund raising committee of the 2016 coalition leaders is “shocked and disappointed” in the wake of President Adama Barrow’s new political party, National People’s Party (NPP). Disclosing that the development affirms that President Barrow is a betrayer to the Coalition 2016 and the people who voted him to office.

On December 31st, 2019, President Adama Barrow registered his own political party, National People’s Party (NPP), with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), while also reaffirming his resolve to continue on the helm of power until 2021 as affirmed by the constitution.

“As far as I am concerned I am very shocked and disappointed by the move done by the President to register his own party. To me this shows that the President is a betrayer at the highest level to both the Coalition 2016 and the people who voted for him,” states the Coalition 2016, Vice Chairperson.

Sonko played an extensive role in the formation of the Coalition 2016, that brought President Adama Barrow to power, but has since break ranks with him when a splinter group of the Coalition 2016 tried to extend the mandate of President Adama Barrow on September 27th, 2019.

Sonko’s defiance led to his expulsion from the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) and the seizure of the Coalition 2016 vehicle given to him as the Vice Chairperson of the Coalition in the same year.

Musa Sonko

“I think what is more honorable for President Barrow to do at this hour is to abide by the Coalition 2016 agreement that brought him to power rather than forming his own party. Forming his own party is not the solution to the prevailing situation and I think the best for President Barrow to do is to publicly announce his resignation from the Coalition first before forming his own party,” Sonko disclosed.

According to Sonko, the agreement reached by the stakeholders of Coalition 2016 is for the flag bearer to serve a period of three years and resign, reminding that such a person is not to contest any future election or to join any political party, but rather to create a level playing field that will allow free and fair elections.

“If you go by the agreement of the Coalition 2016, President Adama Barrow has no moral reason to form his own political party neither can he support any political party. For Barrow to disregard the Coalition agreement that brought him to power is a betrayal of itself,” Sonko disclosed.

He added: “My advice to President Adama Barrow is to honor the agreement that brought him to power. President Barrow has the opportunity to make a legacy, but I am afraid, his hunger for power may make him lose…”.

Sonko could ascertain when stakeholders will meet over the matter, stating that efforts are on course to bringing the stakeholders of the Coalition 2016, to discuss over the issue.

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