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Citizen’s Alliance Gravely Concern Over The State’s Handling Of The 3yrs Jotna Case

Citizens’ Alliance has issued a public statement to condemn Wednesday’s re-arrest and charge of the leadership of the “Three Years Jotna“. Yankuba Darboe, Abdoulie Njie, Ebrima Kitim Jarju, Sherfiffo Sonko, Hagi Suwareh, Fanta Mballow, Karim Touray and Muctarr Ceesay were immediately rearrested and charged for unlawful assembly, rioting after proclamation, and rioters demolishing structures. These were the very charges they were freed from after the State filed a nolle prosequi before the court.

In it’s statement, the Citizens’ Alliance says it is “gravely concerned and expresses their disappointment with the way the state is handling the case involving the 3yrs Jotna leaders who were arrested and charged for peacefully protesting in December 2020“.

A competent court discharged the accused persons after the State Prosecutions withdrawal of the case. It was shocking to learn that the 3YJ leaders were re-arrested again by the police immediately after leaving the court room to be charged afresh.

The police said an information filed at the High Court by the State is the reason for the re-arrest of the “Three Years Jotna” leadership. The group was released on bail after eight hours under detention.

The Citizens’ Alliance says it “strongly condemns this egregious violation of the rights of the 3YJ leaders. At a time when Gambians are struggling to come to terms with a dark past, this single act is a set back for our democracy with the potential to derail the successes registered by the judicial arm of government and a reminder that we still have a lot of work to do as a nation in so far as the promotion of the rule of law and consolidating our democracy is concerned”.

CA demands the unconditional release of the these victims of injustice “without being subjected to any further ludicrous charges that would undermine the integrity of our judicial system“.

Dr Ismaila Ceesay’s party believes that the re-arrest is an “act of injustice against a few Gambians is considered by us as injustice against every Gambian“.

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