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Citizens Alliance Faults The Gambian Government for Lack of Vision and Strategy to Build the Country

Citizens Alliance (CA), Gambia’s newest political party, has expressed its disappointment in both past and present governments of The Gambia for blatantly failing to address issues that affect the lives and livelihood of Gambians, arguing that even though some of these issues are not entirely the fault of the current government, it also failed to devise a clear vision and strategy to solve the compounding national challenges.

Citizens Alliance is the eleventh registered political party in the country, joining the likes of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), Gambia Democratic Party (GDC), National Reconstruction Party (NRP), the People’s Democratic Organization for Independent and Socialism (PDOIS) among others.

“About 12 months, ago a group of concerned Gambia’s came together to share their concerns about the direction of The Gambia. These individuals shared the same basic concerns as most of you: “Disappointment with this government and failing to address issues that affect the lives and livelihood of the average Gambians”, said Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, Interim Secretary General.

He added: “Concerned with this state of affairs and having a strong desire to build our country where every Gambian can live a worthwhile and dignified life, a group of Gambians came together to form the Citizens’ Alliance with the core belief that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, bridges are better than walls and alliance is better than animosity”.


Dilating on the core principles of the Party, Dr. Ceesay disclosed that Citizens’ Alliance is founded on the ideals of democracy, civil liberties, social cohesion, and social justice, noting that the party is out to respond to the country’s desperate need for new, effective and transformational leadership that will focus on uniting our country, address society’s many challenges and promote inclusively, equity and prosperity.

Ceesay explained that CA aims to promote a citizen driven agenda that seeks to eradicate all forms of discrimination against any citizen or group of citizens, adding that CA will embrace Gambia’s diversity and ensure equity and equality and promote justice.

Dr. Ceesay also denounced the continuous rise of the Gambia’s public debt that almost appears as a trap retarding the nation’s development. He said these issues will be addressed once CA comes to power, while calling on all nationals to embrace the newest party.

Citizen Alliance meeting people in Brikama

Dominic Mendy, Interim Chairman of Citizens’ Alliance (CA) and a former finance minister of The Gambia under the dictatorship, said The Gambia has had a lot of false starts towards its nation building efforts, adding that it is now time for Gambians to take the bull by its horn and build on a new start for the country that will uplift the lives and livelihood of the people of The Gambia.

“This time, The Gambia must find a solution and CA is exactly the solution to Gambia’s problem. It is now time for the country to harness its potentials and move the country in a new direction after twenty (22) years of authoritarian rule” Interim Chairman Mendy told the audience at the launching.

Mendy also warned that “a progressive country cannot be achieved on the grounds of tribalism. It has to be achieved on the grounds of tolerance”


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