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Central Bank Unveils New Bank Notes Specimen, Removes Jammeh’s Image

The Central Bank of The Gambia Thursday unveiled specimen of the new bank notes expected to go into circulation within two months.

“I want to confirm to you that the new banknote family is all done now and ready to go into circulation. It has taken a long time because we want to ensure that it represents The Gambia and this has been achieved,” the bank’s governor Bakary Jammeh told journalists in Banjul.

“The images of the former president Yahya Jammeh, and other features that have nothing to do with the country have been removed from new banknotes.”

An old note bearing former president Jammeh’s portrait

Jammeh said the reason behind the change of the banknotes is to come out with something that depicts the country, its people and history. The new notes feature images of Gambia’s bird species, historical sites and communication occupations.

“The change of name is necessary so that everyone can see the banknotes as a national property and this is why the new banknotes carries the colour of our national flag, beautiful birds of our country and important historical images of this country,” Governor Jammeh stated.

He announced that both the old and new notes are all legal tendered and are acceptable for all business transactions within the country.

The Central Bank said it would embark on a sensitization project to introduce the notes and their features to the public before rolling them out.

On 25 February 2015, the Central Bank of The Gambia unveiled a new family of notes, including a D200 note which replaced the D100 as the largest denomination. All of the redesigned banknotes bore the image of ex-president Jammeh.

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