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Bakers Suspend Strike After Talks With the Government

Members of the Senfour Modern Bakeries Association Saturday announced they’d resume work after reaching an interim agreement with the government. Last week, shortage of senfour (modern bread/bakery) hit most parts of the Greater Banjul Area. Shops hiked the prices of the bread from seven dalasis to eight following the shortage, which the bakers

Edrissa Mass Jobe Wins GCCI Presidency

Prominent businessman Edrissa Mass Jobe is the new President of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) after winning Friday’s race for the top business job. He beat Baboucarr Khan, GCCI Vice President and the Managing Director of Reliance Financial Services Company Limited. Jobe is a former Managing Director and the

Family’s Request for Rice Money Leads an Engineer to Quit $85,000 US Job for Rice Farming in The Gambia

A son of a successful rice farmer in Bansang in the Central River Region of The Gambia, Musa Darboe’s childhood was pretty much filled with long and tedious days in the rice field. Growing up, he didn’t like farming. But Musa would later realise that he actually learned farming when he didn’t know he was learning it, being born on a rice farm.
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